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  Welcome to Teen Life Youth Ministries  
teen life youth ministry

ATTENTION: How wouldyou like to tap into a goldmine of youth ministry materials?  Readon to find out how you can get immediate access to a wealth ofresources that are continually growing.

This isNot a Misprint.
When you join, you get EVERYTHING listed on this page, plusmore. We get calls asking us about hidden fees or if you only get acertain amount. No. It's 100% Access. We are a couple of guys inministry with over 50 years of combined experience, not a huge youthministry corporation where owners are impossible to reach.

"Spendyour time with the teens instead of knocking yourself out withpreparation and administration. We've got over 300 PowerPoint lessons,over 300 lesson outlines, and over 720 articles waiting to help youmaximize your youth ministry!  Join today!"


Dear Youth Leader,

Reaching the youth of today is harder than ever. Helping them grow deeper in Christcan be even more difficult. The challenge is having the time toadministrate the youth ministry and still have time to spend with theyouth. You know that's where livesare really changed.

Asyou know, youth ministry has two main and critical goals:

     1. Leading unsaved teens to a relationshipwith Jesus Christ.

     2. Leading saved teens in their relationshipwith Jesus Christ.

Those two goals are challenging because of what teens face every day.We don't know about you, but we don't remember it being this toughgrowing up...

checkGettingalong with parents
checkHassledto do drugs
checkSucceedingin school
checkJustto name a FEW!

It's overwhelming to just to SEE everything kids are going through,much less try to minister to them in the midst of it all. It's toughand expensive to plan, organize, study, follow-up, grow personally,give teens individual attention, teach classes, make class handouts,write small group discussions...BREATHE!!...and a whole lot more.

The "average" ministry requires constant attention and more time thanwe have! It'sa constant cycle of...

red checkDevotionals
red checkGamenights
red checkWorship
red checkSmallgroups
red checkRegularcontact with each teen
red checkVolunteertraining
red checkPersonalspiritual growth
red checkMissiontrips
red checkRetreats
red checkOutreach
red checkCounseling
red checkEvangelism
red checkDiscipleship
red checkParentcare
red checkCrisismanagement

And that just touches the hem of the garment!! Who has the time for allthat planning? Who has the budget to stay on top of all of those areas?

bible lessons
You get instant access to over 300 BibleLessons with outlines, handouts, small group guides andPowerPoint slides.

You Get These Lessons And a Whole Lot More...

james youth bible study
8 Bible Lessons with PowerPoint to help your group learn from thebrother of Christ.

youth ministry getting a grip
13 Bible Lessons with PowerPoint to help your group get a griponcritical life issues!

youth ministry six plusHere's the overview of 6 Plus so you can see theflow..

Easy to follow and teach Bible curriculum is tough to find. Loaded withScripture, discussion questions, and practical application; 6 plusprovides material your teens will love and learn from.

Lesson 1: "Hey Teens, Let's Stop JudgingEach Other." We all know how cruel teens can be to each other.This session will take teens into God's view of judgment and teach themabout accepting each other in Christ.
Lesson 2: "Life's Choices."One of the areas most painful to those in youth work is watching a teenmake poor choices. Help your teens make the best choices; the rightchoices for their lives.
Lesson 3: "Worship, Not Ritual."Use this session to show teens the differences between congregationaland personal worship. Some may not even feel attending church is thatimportant. The five reasons to worship will be especially helpful.
Lesson 4: "Let's Make aDifference." What are your teens doing outside the youth groupto impact their worlds?
Lesson 5: "I Really Want to TellMy Friends About Jesus."
Lesson 6: "Encourage SomeoneToday." We live in such a cut down world that few teens ever getencouraged by their peers. This lesson shares the importance ofencouragement, and your group will discover practical ways to buildeach other up.

Teens feel like they don't know enough to share or exactly what toshare. Empower them with faith sharing principles from Scripture, andgive them confidence about spreading the word!

youth devotionals
Often a youth ministry's most powerful moments are discovered indevotionals, quiet times and get aways.

DevotionalGuides to Focus Your Group
youth ministry greenGuardYour Heart
youth ministry greenAFather's Day Devotional
youth ministry greenToKnow Him By Name
youth ministry greenBibleFools
youth ministry greenALogo for Life
youth ministry greenAPlace to Belong
youth ministry greenMeetJudas
youth ministry greenHowto Win Over Temptation
youth ministry green10Advantages of ADD
youth ministry greenOver 70 in all and growing!

QuietTimes to Center Your Group
Becauseof the Gift
youth ministry greenOpportunitiesfrom Disappointment
youth ministry greenCompassion
youth ministry greenContentment
youth ministry greenOutnumberedBut In Control
youth ministry greenInTimes of Rain
youth ministry greenLivingArt
youth ministry greenPlusa whole lot more

Each Devotional or Quiet Time can be used in the group meetings to forpersonal reflection. Theyare designed to get teens into the Word of God.

But we're not just helping you help teens! We've put together a special"One Day Retreat" section just for you!!

DawnTill Dusk: Personal Retreats
Pack a lunch and get-a-way. Just you and the Lord for the day!
IsAnyone Watching?
youth ministry greenHowIs God Working In My Life and Ministry?
youth ministry greenGuidelinesfrom God
youth ministry greenChoices
youth ministry greenKnee-Mail
youth ministry greenGrowingIn Christian Grace
youth ministry greenReachingthe Needy
youth ministry greenPersonalResponsibility
youth ministry greenHandlingthe Stress of Youth Ministry
youth ministry greenOver25 personal retreats to choose from!

You also get additional resourcesto help your teens grow in their walk with the Lord...

Daily BibleReadings. Each month you get a new set for that month. Plus youget access to the archived DBRs as well.

plusBible Q & A.It might seem old school, but do you remember going to "Bible Bowls"?It seems like teens today have no real Bible knowledge. These sheetswill help! :-)

plusGames.Some of the greatest strides are made at play. We've put in a gamessection when you need a quick idea.

plusSpiritualCounseling. Teen Life co-founder Al Millergren, Ph.D. has puttogether reports to help you with your counseling.

youth ministry articles
You know how you've been meaning to do a newsletter, or send a regularemail or find some way to encourage the teens?

Now you can!

We've put together several "copy, tweak and paste" sections for yourministry. You have permissionto take these articles and..
Emailthem to your group.
youth ministry greenAddthem to your blog.
youth ministry greenTweetfrom them.
youth ministry greenPrintthem and put them in ye old mail box!

And these aren't just article thrown together, we've even got...

MessagesJust for Girls
ATime to Heal
youth ministry greenPeace,Perfect Peace
youth ministry greenTheHorse
youth ministry greenAJoyful Noise
youth ministry greenWeAll Need Someone to Lean on
youth ministry greenMe,Me, Me
youth ministry greenAmI The Only one?
youth ministry greenSoaking
youth ministry greenWaitingfor Daddy
youth ministry greenPigeonholed
youth ministry greenMorethen 60 spiritual thoughts to send your young ladies!

MessagesJust for Parents
Whenyour teens reject your values
youth ministry greenHelpingyour teen fight sexual sin
youth ministry greenFamilymeetings
youth ministry greenWhatteens wish their parent knew
youth ministry greenFamilycommunication
youth ministry greenBuildinga healthy family
youth ministry greenFightingparental discouragement
youth ministry greenHelpingyour teen stay committed
youth ministry greenDiscipliningteens
youth ministry greenMorethan 60 articles to send parents right now!

Use these articles to impact you and their parents!!!

Now then, if we stopped right now you would get more than you can getat any other youth ministry site on the internet. But we're stillgoing...

youth ministry resources

You also get access to our best selling product line from Teen Life.Right after you login, you will immediately be able to access...

mag7Literally, thousands of copies have been sold ofMagnificent 7. This was the catalyst for our weekly Bible Studies thatwe do now.

You get access to the flagship product! :-)

youth ministry discussion
Having a tough time getting teens to talk?

Not any more! These 52 discussion starters will have your groupingopening up and sharing.

52 teen relevant topics like...
  • Attitude
  • Blaming Others
  • Leadership
  • Temptation
  • Integrity
  • Laziness
  • Compassion
  • Self-Control
  • Complaining
  • Spirituality
  • Authority
  • Commitment
  • 52 in all!
Look over that list again. Got any teens that need an attitudeadjustment? Any with problems with authority? Got any lazy teens?
You know preaching to them (or at them) won't work. But for some reasontheir hearts start getting impacted when they start sharing.

youth ministry teachingIs Your ClassAMAZED or AMUSED or CONFUSED?

The crowds were AMAZED at Jesus' teaching. Let your teaching amaze andchange lives too!

In Teaching That Changes Lives you'll get...
  • 14 Amazing Rules of Teaching
  • 7 Teaching Myths
  • Discover if You Should Be Teaching
  • The Power of Words
  • Knowing the Beasts in the Seats
  • The Importance of Lifestyle
  • Traits of a Great Teacher
  • How to Pray for Wisdom
  • Five Goals for Every Class
  • How to Impact Your Group
  • The I.Q. Study Method
  • How to Avoid Proof Texting
  • Structuring You Points
  • 5 Rules for Jokes
  • 3 Things to Remember About Personal Stories
  • 8 Powerful Tools from Jesus' Teaching Style
  • What Not to Do When Teaching
  • Secrets of Class Participation
  • Springboarding
  • Steering Clear of Conventional Wisdumb (That's notmisspelled)
  • Getting Teens to Live the Lessons
  • Much more!

Devotionals! Quick butpowerful Bible studies that pack a spiritual punch. In this YouthMinistry Resource Factory goodie package, you get... 
 7Can't Miss Devotionals
One of your seventh graders could pull these off, but don;t let thatfool ya. These devos pack simple spiritual truths, while targetingseven topics for teens.
  • Now You See It, Now You Don't: How Christ's blood washesaway our sins.
  • Hot Dog Devo: Helping teens see the Word creatively.
  • Super Bowl Champs (you can change this for any sportingevent): How and why every teen has a specific place in the kingdom.
  • "I'm so Mad I Could...": How our anger hurts more than justus.
  • Tuning Up with the Spirit: This devo shows the differencebetween life with and without the Spirit.
  • Pooper Looker
  • All Things Together
Howto Become a Devo Pro
It's always great to be able to reach for a book of devotionals. Butyou can create the best devotionals for your group on your own. How toBecome a Devo Pro shows you how to put together great devos from startto finish.
How to....
  • Get purposed, and hammer out exactly what YOUR teens need.
  • Choose relevant scripture that won't lead your group on ascavenger hunt for the truth.
  • Select the right props and visuals to support and notdistract.
  • Use a simple outlining formula to keep you focused and inno need of notes.
  • Send teens out on a mission to become transformed, not justinformed.
You also get the original books that launched Teen Life Ministries over15 years ago!!

10501,020 Tips,Tool, And Techniques...
You scramble and pull them off the bookshelf (your service counter).For the service project you turn to pages 54-56 of volume 1. In a flashyou have ten all time great service projects to choose from.
1052Next you flip over to pages 33-35 in volume 2and discover ten prime ways to spice up your youth room.
Finally...and you hear footsteps and laughter coming down turn to pages of volume 2 and pick a wing-it devotional ofthe ten options.
The day goes smooth. Or at least as smooth as it can with a youthgroup. As the sun sets, you collapse. Through a small opening in oneeye you make out the dark blue cover of volume 1.
With a smile you turn to the table of contents and scan...tencounseling techniques...ten ways to involve parents...ten techniques toreach unchurched teens. You keep scanning because you know you haveseen it before. Aha! Just what you need at the end of the day. Pages150-152. Ten tips forrecognizing burnout and what to do about it.

We are so excited about getting these resources to you, because theyhave helped ten of thousands of you workers just like you!

Plus there'seven more resources like...

long-haul youth ministry
 Beat burnout and stay focused and on fire with 101 Strategies for Long-haul Youth Ministry!
Discipleship 101: Nineweeks of material divided into daily sections. Perfect for personal andgroup study!

You get instant access!

youth ministry admin

Don't you hate trying to remember where those needed forms are?

We've got them for you right here...
Medicalrelease form
youth ministry greenTeacherJob Description
youth ministry greenLeaderPolicies
youth ministry greenMinistryVolunteer Application
youth ministry greenTestimonyWorksheet

youth ministry training

Beginning in January, you get a monthly training event!

1. Save More Souls. Yes,that's an outrageous claim, but isn't that your number one reason forbeing in youth ministry? When you are better prepared to teach,minister, and grow spiritually you will reach more teens. When youcontact them more regularly and more effectively you will touch morelives.

2. Bible Class Materials.It's not easy getting a class together week after week. It's eventougher when you add PowerPoint, class handouts, and follow it up witha small group session. In The Zone you get those materials fresh eachweek!

3. Archived Access. TheZone opened in April of 2004. It began with a boatload of resources.EVERYTHING is started with and EVERYTHING added each week is still inThe Zone. You get access to more training, studies, and ideas than youcould ever use. This is worth thousands.

4. Teen Life Product Line.You also get to download ALL of the Teen Life products and resources.From the bestselling Magnificent 7, which we used to sell as a soloresource for $17 to our 52 Discussion Igniters. AND...there are specialproducts available ONLY in The Zone, like the study of Ephesians,Romans, and John.

5. Teen Specific Resources.You can give your teens devotional thoughts for them to grow from. OurSudden Impact section has devotionals for you to copy and print oremail to your group. Written specifically for teens. Our Listen to Lisasection is written especially for teen girls.

6. Weekly Update. EveryMonday you get a brand new lesson outline, class handout, anddiscussion guide. New articles are added. The site GROWS. You will NOTbe joining a static site that never changes. It becomes more and morehelpful.

7. Instant Access. Youget in immediately. No waiting for the mail! You'll get a privateusername and password to access the site and ALL the resources!!

8. Personal Spiritual Growth.You spend so much time feeding others, how about feeding yourself! Eachmonth you get a personal one day retreat called Dawn Till Dusk. It leads you through a one day experience and evaluation. You also geta topical daily Bible reading sheet for the month, and regular articlesadded to the spiritual growth section.

9. Help Others. When yousee a site like this, you no doubt think about the possible number ofmembers and how much money we make. Rightly so. But know this: We helpothers through the proceeds of this site. We sponsor teens on missiontrips. We are helping build orphanages in Malawi and Zimbabwe through100X Missions. Your membership not only helps YOU it helps OTHERS aswell.

10. Save Time and Money.How long does it take to write a lesson, develop a devotional, producea small group discussion guide, design PowerPoint, etc? With this donefor you, you can concentrate on your group. That doesn't mean you don'tneed to study. You still have to prepare for class, but theadministrative side of it is done for you.  As far as the moneysavings goes, just look below.

Your Subscription Begins withJust $9.95. Each Month On The Same Date the Subscription with Renew.Cancel At Any Time!
Right After Checkout Your Will Create Your Private Username andPassword.

Your Partners in Youth Ministry,
al and paul
P.S. In addition to the Zones listed above, you also get instant accessto over 1,00 articles to aid your ministry!

P.P.S. Because of the value of this membership and the increasinghosting needs, we will not be able to keep the membership at these lowrates forever. Sign up now and your rate is locked. When the membership goes up, your's won't.

What's the impact of Teen Life's Youth Ministry Zone?!

"I have noticed a huge difference in our group since joining The Zone.

"They talk about how they love the classes, the handouts, and thePowerPoint. Because of the training I'm getting I understand the teensbetter and have been able to reach out to them more effectively.

"Thanks for the great work. Keep it up!"

Member 4 Life,
John Amos
Florida Youth Minister
I love the Spiritual Growth Zone with the stuff for Youth Pastors tocheck-in; especially the Dawn 2 Dusk retreats. I love to get away withmy notebook, bible and the retreat and dig in. It's a refreshing timefor me and thus for my ministry! ~AJ

The Zone is incredible. I am always checking the Zone and using thelessons. It has been like having an assistant!

I use the Zone for many different games, ideas, and devotions andstudies. It has been a huge help to me as the youth director.

I just signed up but we have loved the Godly Goals lessons and ouryouth have really had some great discussion about wisdom!

There are great transferable lessons for my leaders to utilize and forme too.

I loved the 1 John lessons and now I am using them in a young familiesclass. Keep up the good work guys and blessings to all of you. Love theWebsite.

I use the lessons in the zone as a guideline of what to teach and Imake my own lesson out of it. Right now I am still in school, teachingschool and coaching sports teams and do not have time to come up withtwo brand new ideas every week. This site has enabled me to givesomething fresh to the teens every week. It has been a huge blessingand we have seen many saved and come faithfully to church.

I found that I really needed to spend more time developingrelationships with my teens, but I am very concerned about what I amteaching them. Because of this I was spending more of my timedeveloping lessons then developing relationships. When encouraged by mypastor to spend more time developing relationships I wanted to findmaterial that I would feel comfortable teaching and less time ondeveloping. I found the Zone and it has been exactly what I needed. NowI have time to develop relationships and still have the confidence thatI am going to be teaching a good lesson.

I haven't a lot of experience and not a lot of time to prepare lessons,this helps me out soo much as I can concentrate more on presenting itin an engaging way. - Emily from Ignition Youth @ Power of God Church,Melbourne Australia.

It'™s nice to have such a wide variety of resources readily available.Chris Knipp-Student Pastor, Oak Ridge Tn

Being new to this site. our group of young people seem to be more involved since using the materials from the zone. thank you from thepassion youth northside family worship center

The Zone has really helped me in preparing for Sunday Morning and youthnight lesson. I stay pretty busy and can'™t seem to get the time toprepare a lesson like I'd like for myself, and I don't know what I'd dowithout your site. You are a life saver

Lot's of good information to digest for pointers. Dave

The Zone gave Sunday mornings a great start to the youth week

I am just starting with the zone so haven't had much experience withit...but I'm very excited at what it has to offer.

Great and useful resources. Ch'ng /Agape Youth

Since joining....teen life has added such a dimension to my preparationfor Sunday school as well as our formal youth service! you guys reallyprovide excellent material and insight that is very easily added to,which allows me to personalize every lesson or message........thank youand god bless. Pastor Brian

I am just getting started w/the zone but every thing I can get my handson helps...keep up the good work! Elisha Barnett

I really appreciate the lessons and the helps. It encourages me andkeeps me thinking in the "present tense" with my youth. I am prayingfor your ministry. Bill Moore

At this point we are just starting and The Zone is giving us a startingpoint as to what to say and how to say it in a language that teens willand can listen and understand

The Zone has been a great transitional tool for me as a youth pastor.Previously, we were using the Word of Life Curriculum and spending 10Xas much as we do now. That is a fantastic curriculum, but we aregetting a lot more use out of the zone for far less money. The powerpoints and games have been a big hit with our group and a time-saverfor me. (I am a volunteer and home school 3 children.) I can plan outmy lessons and spend far less time having to prepare and put more timeto actually studying the lesson. The kids have also connected withseveral of your lessons...the one about Joseph, Tough Love, Prayer. Ialso love the Monday Maximizer and feel blessed that you work so hardto keep the youth workers uplifted.

I am still pretty new to the Zone, but there seems to be a variety ofdifferent helps for ministry. I also really like the idea of YouthPrint though I haven't utilized it yet. Still working my way around thesite and getting familiar with all you have to offer.  CliffReynolds, Crossroad Baptist Church

I've found some great lessons. I'm really impressed with the quality ofstuff offered in The Zone! (Paul O'Rear, College Street Church ofChrist, Waxahachie, Texas)

The lessons are great and now that they are in word you can easily editthem to fit your groups personality. The best thing is that the lessonsare in-depth enough for adults yet they can be adjusted for firstgraders. Thanks!!!, Bro. Andy, Halltown Church

The Zone has helped me to present Bible lessons in a way that fresh andinteresting to the teen without taking away any of the biblicalcontext. Shirley J. Chicago, Teen Cafe

As I said I am just getting started, I usually teach adults so this isnew and exciting. I can see this site helping me a lot. Thanks

The Zone gives me great ideas to work on and tailor for my groupsspecific needs!

Since I have been coming into this program It has help me communicatewith my youth better and come up with ideas for a week end retreat.Debbie

I am a bivocational YP who sees about 75-85 teens a week. This site hasallowed me to focus on Ministering to them and not always writing myown material. Thanks!

The Zone has helped me in preparation. It has cut my preparation timeby 75%. I work full time and go to school part time and have 2elementary age children at home. This leaves little time forpreparation and the zone has helped me greatly. MJS

The lessons that are developed are the primary tools I use and they aregreat. Also, the video tutorials have really helped as well.

I have downloaded several presentations, adapted them for the teens atmy church for weekly bible study. The kids just love the visuallessons! As a youth/pastoral care minister with a very tight schedule,the Zone has been well worth the yearly fee. Please keep up the goodwork!

Paul Evans and AlMillergren are youth ministry veterans with over 50 years of youthministry experience.



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