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You are currently browsing the Discussion Sheets sub-category of the Youth Ministry category of our Articles.

Pride : Discussion Guide (02 at 8) -   OPEN:  What silly things does pride or vanity cause people to do?   DIG:  Read II Chronicles 26: 1-15 What strengths do you see in Uzziah? What are Uzziah’s accomplishments (verses 6-15)?  Which one stands out as the headliner for this king’s resume? Who contributed to Uzziah’s success (verse 5)? What red flag about Uzziah’s life do you see in verse 15?  How has his success served as a trap?   DIG:  Read II Chronicles 26: 16-23 ·         Was Uzziah’s mistake an innocent blunder?  ·         How does he respond when confronted by the priests? ·         Does God allow too little

Guard Your Heart (01 at 8) - GUARD YOUR HEART OPEN: Jesus said, "out of the overflow of the
heart the mouth speaks".  What does your speech
revealed to you about the condition of your
heart? DIG:  Read Proverbs 4:23 - What is the "heart"?
- The heart is compared to a "wellspring" of
  life.  What does this mean?
- Why are we to guard the heart "above all else"?
- In what ways is the mind the "doorway" to the
  heart? DIG:  Read I Peter 5:8-9 - The devil is compared to a "roaring lion".  In
  what circumstances

A Father's Day Devotional (06 at 5) - This will be a great opening for your Fathers Day Sunday school class Also, have your students answer the questions at the end.

TO KNOW HIM BY NAME: Passing the Big Test (05 at 3) -     OPEN:  Whats the biggest test youve taken?  How did you handle the pressure?   DIG:  Read Genesis 22:1-19         In verse 2, what is God emphasizing as he describes Abrahams relationship with Isaac?  Why this way of breaking the news? Knowing God waited 25 years before providing a son for Abram, how would you expect Abraham to react to Gods instruction in verse 2?  What do you learn about Abraham based on his prompt, obedient actions (v.3-10)? Describe the ups and downs of Isaacs emotions as this story unfolds? Why does God wait until the last

TO KNOW HIM BY NAME: Gods First Name (04 at 11) -     OPEN:  What time of the day are you most creative?  Why?   DIG:  Read Genesis 1:1 What did God create? The word create in this passage means to make something out of nothing.  Why is this a significant fact about God? What impresses you the most about Gods creation and his creative power? When have you experienced what the Psalmist said, The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge? What about creation reveals to you the existence

Bible Fools (03 at 5) - Small group discussion guide on foolishness.

A Logo for Life (03 at 4) - A LOGO FOR LIFE    OPEN:  What is your favorite logo, or if you feel like being negative, what is your least favorite logo?  Why?   DIG:  Read I Corinthians 2:2 Why would Paul determine to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified? What does preaching the cross include? What is so shocking about the cross becoming the logo for Christianity?   DIG:  Read Mark 8:27-38 Jesus has just confirmed he is the Son of God?  How do you thing the disciples were feeling at this point?  How did the atmosphere in the room

Belong to a Family (01 at 4) - When have you experienced crowded loneliness? A time when you were surrounded by people, but felt friendless. What was it like?

Adore Him (01 at 4) - Every organization must clarify the WIN! What does this mean? Why is it so important? What does a win look like in your school?

A Place to Belong (08 at 2) - A PLACE TO BELONG: discussion guide OPEN: Looking back to your first encounter with a church. Did you feel like you belonged? Why or why not? DIG: WHY YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED TO A CHURCH FAMILY How have you seen or experienced each of these? A church family identifies you as a genuine believer (John 13:35) A church family moves you out of self-centered isolation (I John 3:16) A church family helps you develop spiritual muscle (Ephesians 4:16) A church family keeps you from backsliding (James 5:19) A church family keeps Jesus

A Fired Up Church (08 at 2) - A FIRED-UP CHURCH: Discussion Guide OPEN: What is the most fired-up church you have ever been a part of? What was it like? Why was it this way? DIG: Read Acts 2:36-47 What do you notice about this church? What would it have been like to be a member of this church? Could it happen again? Why is it a mistake to try to restore this church without understanding why they were the way they were? What has this led to? DIG: WHY THIS CHURCH CAUGHT FIRE They had spent time with Jesus. They had witnessed the risen Christ. They

A Love that Lasts (08 at 2) - A LOVE THAT LASTS: discussion guide  OPEN: Describe someone in your life who exemplifies unfailing love. DIG: Read I Corinthians 13:4-7 Which of these descriptions of love do you find most challenging to live out?  Does this list overwhelm you (weve spent 9 weeks talking about it)? How?  Do you ever find your love running dry? When?  What are some wrong approaches to developing this kind of love?  APPLICATION: You will only be able to love this way if you first of all receive Gods love for you! How are you doing?  Im not even sure if God

Meet Judas (08 at 2) - Discussion Guide:   OPEN: Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? What did it feel like?

DIG: Looking back on Judas' life (these are not right or wrong answers)
. Do you think Judas had sinister motives from the beginning of
his relationship with Jesus?

How To Win Over Temptation (08 at 2) - OPEN: Who can quote last weeks memory verses, James 1:2-3? Why is it important for us to memorize scripture?   DIG: Read I Corinthians 10:13 Name as many encouraging things as you can from this verse.  DIG: Read James 1:12-18 What is the difference between trials and temptations?   What is Gods purpose in our trials (remember last weeks lesson)?  What is Satans purpose in our temptations?  God is never the source of temptation to evil. Of what things is he the source (1:5, 16-18)? Explain sins progression in verses 14-15 using todays fishing analogy. The bait is dropped (Satan

Advance with Confidence (08 at 2) - Advance with Confidence Discussion Guide OPEN: What evidence do you see of America mobilizing for war? How has this affected you? What evidence do you see of this youth group mobilizing as an army for God? How has this affected you? DIG: Read II Cor.

A Place to Grow Up (08 at 2) - A PLACE TO GROW UP! Discussion Guide OPEN: When did you know you had made the transition to adulthood? Was there an event, age, or occasion that marked the event in your mind? DIG: Nothing wrong with being a baby. Read I Peter 2:2-3 What is the significance of calling young Christians babes? What does this imply about spiritual growth and even grace? What happens when too much is expected too quickly? What kind of messes do young Christians cause? How should we handle them? What do we need to provide to

7 Marks of Maturity (08 at 2) - DIG:   Read Hebrews 5:11-6:3 Spiritual Immaturity has been an issue
since the beginning of the Christian faith. The Hebrew writer is
concerned about a group of young Jewish Christians.
List the marks of immaturity seen in these verses.

What mark does the author give of spiritual maturity?

What is the difference between "milk" and "solid food"?

What are the elementary teachings (6:1-3) that mature Christians
already know? If you were making this list today, what items would you

If you were giving a young Christian advice about how to "leave
the elementary teachings and go on to maturity" what

Why Do We Have to Ask? (08 at 2) - OPEN: Too often we pray and then we forget to watch for God's
answer. How have you witnessed God begin to answer these prayers?
. Ask to become a worker not a spectator (Mt.9:36-38)

Focused on a Mission Part 2 (08 at 2) - Keep Going!

OPEN: Read "The Parable of the Lighthouse (Pasted below the discussion section)
What jumps out at you from this parable?
How have we seen this same scenario happen in church?
Does this progression from mission to clubhouse have to take place?
Let's discuss how we can avoid this in our group.

DIG: READ II Timothy 2:1-2 Why is it important for us to have a mission statement?

DIG: Sticking with the mission: URGENCY AND PERSEVERANCE
READ Luke 8:15, I Timothy 4:15   How do these seemingly contradictory qualities coincide?

Faith FULL Living 3 (08 at 2) - How to Be Blessed By the Bible    OPEN: When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, what little things do you try to cover up for appearance sake?   DIG: Read James 1:19-21 I MUST RECEIVE GODS WORD What does it mean to be quick to listen?   How do the following interfere with us hearing Gods word? Being quick to speak Anger Moral filth and evil What does it mean to have the word planted in you? DIG: Read James 1:22-25 I MUST REFLECT ON GODS WORD How is it possible to listen to Gods word and

How to Profit from Your Problems (08 at 2) - How to Profit From Your Problems   OPEN: What do you do to cheer up when you are down?   DIG: Read James 1:1-12 James says when we face trials, not if we face trials? Why is it important for us to understand that trials are inevitable? What happens if you dont understand this?  How does James tell us to respond to trials? Why should we respond like this? What progression in Christian maturity does James describe in verses 3-4? Does perseverance here imply active overcoming or passive acceptance? What is the difference? In the middle of discussing

Focused on a Mission (08 at 2) - OPEN: If someone watched you for one week what would they say you are the most focused on?

DIG: What does the word mission mean to you? What was Jesus mission?

Better Off... (08 at 2) - (Make sure every teen brings a Bible to this discussion time) (Make sure every teen brings a Bible to this discussion time)       DIG   ===       The scripture if filled with people who were better off because of someone else, or because of God.

Jesus the Risen Lord (08 at 2) - OPEN: If you were commissioned to write the sequel to Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHIRST what would you include? Emphasize?

DIG: Read Matthew 28:1-20 (for the rest of the story)   How do you think the women felt on the way to the tomb?   When they found the stone rolled back and an angel sitting on it, how do you think they felt?   How do you think the women felt when they suddenly met Jesus?

Fun Worship with Psalms (08 at 2) - In this creative movement, music experience, and prayer of thanksgiving, teenagers will create a worship experience to the words of the psalm.   Scripture: Psalm 95:1-7 Theme: Praising God Experience: In this creative movement, music experience, and prayer of thanksgiving, teenagers will create a worship experience to the words of the psalm.

10 Benefits of Having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (08 at 2) - There is a common misconception in the world that having
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a bad thing. While the
ADD-wired brain certainly presents some challenges, it also
offers some incredible benefits. The following is a list of
characteristics that I consistently see in my clients,
friends, and colleagues with ADD.

How to Treat People Right (08 at 2) - OPEN: Who has been a great neighbor or friend to you? Share a little about what has made them special.

DIG: Read James 2:1-13  
1) Why is it so easy for people to "play-favorites" and discriminate against others at times? How have you been discriminated against? 
2) In which one of the following areas do you see the most frequent discrimination?

Faith FULL Living 6 (08 at 2) -   DIG:   Read James 3:1-12   Why is James so hard on teachers? How does this tie in to his discussion on the tongue?   How do the three illustrations here (horses bit, ships rudder, fires spark) each demonstrate the tongues power?   If verse eight is true, why should we even try to control our tongues?   How is it possible to praise God and curse men with the same tongue? What does this say about human nature?      REFLECT:   How are you most likely to misuse your tongue?   Gossip   Slander   Profanity   Lying   Grumbling and Complaining   Coarse Joking   Put Downs      When was the last time your tongue

Faith FULL Living 8 (08 at 2) -   OPEN: Whom did you quarrel with most while growing up? What prompted these fights?      DIG: Read James 4:1-10   What is the root of fights and quarrels (v1-2)?   What are the two reasons we dont have what we want (v2-3)?   What is meant by adulterous people (v.

Faith in God (08 at 2) -
In this music experience and creative reading, teenagers will worship God through music about faith in God.   Preparation: You'll need at least two red-letter Bibles, a cassette player, and a CD player.

Faith FULL Living 7 (08 at 2) - Open: In last weeks lesson we talked about being an encourager. What did you decide that you needed to do to become a better encourager? How have you put last weeks lesson into action?   Dig: Read James 3:13-18 Why does James put so much emphasis on wisdom? What does humility and deeds done have to do with wisdom? What kind of wisdom does not come from heaven? What is the wisdom of a peacemaker?   REFLECT: How do you use your Godly wisdom? By being a peacemaker. By being considerate of others. By being impartial. By being sincere about my relationship with

Faith FULL Living 5 (08 at 2) -   OPEN: Are you more of a doer or a thinker? Are you more likely to act without thinking or think without acting?

DIG: Read James 2:14-19
. What "kind of faith" is James criticizing?

Faith FULL Living 9 (08 at 2) -   OPEN: In which way are you most prone to play God- playing God with others or playing God with your own life? How do you play the game?   DIG: Read James 4:11-12 PLAYING GOD WITH THE LIVES OF OTHERS   What is slander? What is gossip? When do we cross the line from concern to gossip? Why is it so enjoyable to talk about other people? What keeps us from allowing God to be the judge? Why do we want to take his place? Read Matthew 7:1-6 What kind of judgment is Jesus condemning? What kind

Hurricane Discussion (08 at 2) - As members of the Gross family huddled amid mattresses in a narrow hallway, Hurricane Charley ripped their home from around them. The family listened and prayed as Charley screamed around the house like a buzz- saw unleashed, chewing up the pool cage, lanai (veranda or open-sided living room), and carport, then shearing off steel-bolted porch pillars, walls, and most of the roof, opening the interior to torrential rains.

After the storm screamed north, Ralph Gross and his daughter Sarah had emerged to survey the wreckage when four neighbors walked up.

Minitry is Too Heavy a Burden to Do Alone (08 at 2) - The apostle Paul described himself and Apollos as "simply fellow-workers for and with God" (1 Corinthians 3:9, Weymouth translation). In these words, Paul recognized that ministry is too heavy a burden unless we recognize we are in the field with one another and with God.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? (08 at 2) - Main Point: Don't surround yourself with garbage when you want something better.

Supplies: Anything you need for your challenge or game. Any worship CD conducive to prayer during the wrap-up. Kids Arrive about 6:30-6:45
Make them feel welcome
Learn names and interests
Give newcomers a New Person Form

Bring it together: about 7:15pm.

Focused on a Mission Part 4 (08 at 2) - OPEN: How have you experienced or witnessed the power of prayer in
reaching and maturing people for Jesus?

DIG: John 14:12-14 . What indicates to you that the promises found in this passage were not given just to the Apostles?

Preventive Discipline for Jr. Highers (08 at 2) - Stop defiant behavior before it starts Sitting next to him in a car was like sitting in the front row at a heavy metal rock concert. Do your junior highers sometimes resemble "terrible two-year-olds"?

The Burnout of the Fit (08 at 2) - Jessy was a very effective youth worker. She had a degree from a reputable Christian university and was very talented with a gift for ministry. It was no surprise that she was snatched up by a church right out of school. The church seemed to be a good fit for hershe was still there after a five-year tenure.

Why I Left My Husband (08 at 2) - My husband is a full-time youth minister. He is extremely dedicated and spends between 50-70 hours a week with young people.   I think the reason he is so successful with kids is that he is always available to them, always ready to help when they need him.   That may be why the attendance has more than double in the past year. He really knows how to talk their language. This past year he would be out two and three nights a week talking with kids until midnight. Hes always taking them to

Going Bananas (08 at 2) - Related Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12, Matthew 5:13, Malachi 4:2, Matthew 6:19-21, 1 Peter 2:2-3

Kids will build a giant banana split and discuss their roles in the Body of Christ.

Getting Ready for the New Year (08 at 2) - The New Year is always a time of self reflection about the past ... and the future. During this time of New Year's resolutions, planning and commitment, here's a discussion to help students think about how their choices influence their future.

I want to introduce to you someone who has an incredible impact on your life.

God's purpose gives life meaning and value (08 at 2) - One of the reasons life is devalued in today's culture is that many people value their own happiness and fulfillment over God's purposes for their lives. As a pastor, one way you can protect the sanctity of human life is to help your people understand that the purpose of their lives is far greater than personal fulfillment, peace of mind, or even happiness.

Water Works (08 at 2) - In this challenge, students will understand the constant reliance in Jesus among different circumstances, and what selflessness means.   Supplies: Bibles, bucket of water, glasses of various sizes (one for each participant), liquid measuring cup In this challenge, students will be trying to fill various-sized glasses with equal amounts of water.

Give Your Servant's Heart a Workout (08 at 2) - If you lead a small group study, you have a servant's heart. As a group leader, your desire is to develop this same heart in the members of your group. How do you build a muscle?


Here are the basics on what to do:


That's right; you need a place to watch the game. If your youth group is small, someone's house is great! If you have a large group, you can use a youth room, a gym, anyplace you can find and set up a big screen and projector.

A simple method for tapping into more volunteers (08 at 2) - Melissa had been the lead teacher in the preschool room since September. Now Thanksgiving was approaching, and she was still short-handed. Every time she met with her volunteers, they would say the same thing: You need to tell the pastor that he has to get us more help in here! And every time she met with Pastor Johnson, Melissa would deliver the message: My volunteers are dying!

Five Essentials for Small Group Health (08 at 2) - Churches all over the nation are recognizing a need to get small groups going in their congregations. As people sense a desire for deeper relationships within the body of Christ, interest in the movement is rising.

Time with God (08 at 2) - This activity will encourage kids to make a commitment to spend time with God.   Group size: any
Time: 10 minutes
Supplies: Bibles. Form pairs. Have partners find the most valuable possession they have on or with them, such as a piece of jewelry or a picture of someone special.

On Easter, the birth of a church in Central Asia (08 at 2) - RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--Amjad* marked Easter morning by being baptized, then leading the first Lord's Supper he had ever attended. The young Uighur Christian's baptismal clothes were still damp when he stood to lead five other Uighur believers in a communion service in a home in Central Asia. Amjad has to rely on the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to guide the first steps of an emerging church among the largely unreached Muslim people group -- rather than base the worship service on the imported patterns of Western-style church, explained a mission worker

Faking Church Do we really want to serve Godor is it more rewarding to just look the part? (08 at 2) - Ned sits down next to his wife, Tanya, in the church his family has called home for many years. He smiles, waves, jokes, and engages in friendly banter with everyone around him.

Ever wondered if they're getting it? (08 at 2) - I have. And so has Zack. That's what he asked me in this recent email: Hey Jonathan, I let one of my volunteers teach a lesson Sunday night to our youth.

Watching Joan of Arcadia:A mini study guide to discussing the show (08 at 2) -   Introduction
Series overview
For the discussion leader
Mini study guides for discussion
About the author   Save Joan of Arcadia!
The CBS-TV series Joan of Arcadia has delighted and challenged many church groups since it debuted in 2003, depicting a teenage girl who receives "visitations" from God.

Twenty-Nine Talk Starters (08 at 2) - Questions and sentence completions that'll get your kids talking about their faith, families, social issues, and more.   Talk-Sparkers About Faith Describe a time you felt God was at work in your life.

Coping with the Common Cold of the Spirit (08 at 2) - OPEN: At what time of day do you feel your best? When do you tend to feel the worst? DIG: Read Philippians 4:4-9 1) What remedies does God give in this passage for the common cold of the spirit? 2) How is it really possible to not be anxious about anything? 3) How does God guard our hearts and minds? 4) Should a Christian expect to always be happy? Why, why not? DISCUSS: 1) What are some of the trite answers we can give when we really dont understand someones depression or anxiety? 2) During a down period

Leaning on God (08 at 2) -
Related Scripture: Jude 24-25 In this object lesson, kids will attempt to fall to the ground without crashing.  In this object lesson, kids will attempt to fall to the ground without crashing.

Preparation: You'll need a Bible and enough pillows for everyone to have one.

Have everyone stand an arm's length apart, with a pillow behind each person.

Starry, Starry Nights (08 at 2) - Kids will talk about trusting the God who created the stars and set them in space Group size: any
Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Supplies: Bibles. For the indoor option, you'll need flashlights and soft worship music.

Monopoly Money (08 at 2) - Use this game to teach kids about the biblical concepts of stewardship and tithing.   Play Monopoly as usual, but set up an imaginary church next to the bank. When kids earn money from passing "Go" or collecting rent, encourage them to tithe 10% to the church.

5 ways your group can turn an average road trip into an extraordinary ministry experience. (08 at 2) - Road trips are a biblical staple. In fact, some of the greatest Bible stories involve road trips. The tale of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) is a good example. While on a trip from Jerusalem to Jericho, a Samaritan traveler comes upon a man beaten, robbed, and dying by the side of the road.

Ways your church can minister to families with special needs children (08 at 2) - Ministering to a family with a special needs child is much like ministering to any other family. If you discover and meet their needs, you willtouch their lives. Fail to meet their needs, and you miss an opportunity for ministry. But the needs of families with special needs children are much different than the needs of other families.

Giant Slayers (08 at 2) - Related Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:45, Psalm 18:2-3

Students will learn that with Gods help they can handle their fears. Supplies: a Bible; markers; and small, smooth stones
Read aloud Davids words to Goliath from 1 Samuel 17:45.

YOU NEED TO GROW UP! (08 at 2) - OPEN: Do you remember anyone saying to you, You need to grow up!? What was the context? How did you take it at the time?   DISCUSS: Is it possible for Landmark to grow BIGGER AND DEEPER at the same time? What would be the danger of just having one or the other? What would you think is the key to having both kinds of growth?     DIG: Read Hebrews 5:11-6:3 What is the writer concerned about? What are some of the signs that these young Christians have stopped growing? What would you

Walking the Narrow Way (08 at 2) -
Challenge teenagers to learn spiritual discipline using this meeting plan. 1. Before the MeetingAsk kids to bring to the meeting large suitcases filled with books or other heavy items. Have kids set up a complicated obstacle course using objects available in your meeting room.

The Power of Small Groups (08 at 2) - I'm going to be honest; there are times in youth ministry when having a large number of students is better.

Dealing with Change (08 at 2) - Help kids learn to accept change.

1. Opener: Changing Everything(Supplies: ingredients and recipes for cookies and pizza. Youll also need a CD player and CDs. Meet in your church kitchen for this activity.)

Place the cookie ingredients and recipe on a table.

Multiplying Your Ministry (08 at 2) - The motto here at SYM and SJH is simplifying your ministry and saving you time'. And to that end, we've committed ourselves to providing you resources to do just that.

Developing Friendships (08 at 2) - When I was in the sixth grade I started a new school.  I sat across the isle from a guy who was about twice my size.  He was a little over six feet tall and had the biggest arms I had ever seen.  He was intimidating just to look at.  You would think that at any time he could chew you up and spit you out.  As the weeks went by we became close friends.  I soon learned that not only did he have a big body but he had an even larger heart.  All the

ThanksGIVING (08 at 2) - Free 2005 ThanksGIVING Download     Thank you for being part of this ministry. Al and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your ministry!
  Blessings! Paul and Al Teen Life Ministries      You can save the following PDF directly to your hard drive by "right click" then selecting "save as" for PC users.  Or you can open the documnet and save it from there.   ThanksGIVING 2005 PDF           Discover "The Zone"     More Youth Ministry Resources

Teens with a Mission Lifestyle (08 at 2) - Ever wonder if the stuff youre teaching kids is sinking in?  
It did with Sarah Casey, a high school senior in Illinois. Sarah brought home a friend from school right before Christmas and introduced him to her parents. His name was Joel. She explained that his parents kicked him out of the house because hes gay. He didnt have anywhere to go. And it was cold outside.
Sarah didnt know what to do exactly, but she loved her parents and trusted them to help her figure it out.

Breaking the Da Vinci Code (08 at 2) - Perhaps you've heard of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. This fictional thriller has captured the coveted number one sales ranking at, camped out for 32 weeks on the New York Times Best-Seller List, and inspired a one-hour ABC News special.

4 Things to Help Keep Kids off Drugs (08 at 2) - Drug and alcohol use has powerful motivators in the life of a teenager. What can you do to counterbalance that motivation?   When kids are twelve, they abuse drugs for two primary reasons:
(1) to be cool (49 percent) and
(2) because their friends are doing it (24 percent).

But by seventeen, drug-abusing kids don't care about the cool factor.

Are You Overworking? (08 at 2) -   As ministers, we approach each day as if we're working for God, and our mission is literally to save the world. But the fact is -- there will always be more work to do in ministry, and that's why we must deliberately take time away from work. God did it, resting one day after working six, so why should we think the world will fall apart of we aren't on the job 24/7? Here are five steps you can take toward recovery from ministry workaholism: R - Re-adjust your values Thecosts of workaholism are



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