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Audio Recording (01 at 6) -

Audacity from Sound Forge
Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Learn more about Audacity...
You can use it to record messages for your group and send them the MP3.

Guest Follow Up: Autoresponder Message 1 (08 at 2) - Hi {firstname},  Wow! Thank you for joining us last {date or day of the event}. It meant a lot to have you with us. I wanted to give you a brief outline of our typical week so you will know what’s going on… Every Sunday our youth group meets at {time} in the youth room. Wednesday nights we meet at {time}. Each month we get together for several events and I send an email out a few days ahead to make sure everyone remembers.

Guest Follow Up Autoresponder Message 2 (08 at 2) - Hi [firstname],   On Sunday mornings we are currently studying [name of topic]. On Wednesday nights we [explain your typical Wednesday night].   You might be thinking, “Why in the world would I go to a youth group on Sundays AND Wednesdays?

Add Drop-Down Box to Your Youth Site (08 at 2) - Here's how to add a 'Amazon' style drop in message to your web pages. Includes everything you need. // Drop-in content box- By Dynamic Drive // For full source code and more DHTML scripts, visit // This credit MUST stay intact for use var ie=document.all var dom=document.getElementById var ns4=document.layers var calunits=document.layers?

Spider-Man 2 Review (08 at 2) - "SPIDER-MAN 2"
(2004) (Tobey Maguire, Alfred Molina) (PG-13) Alcohol/
Drugs Blood/Gore Disrespectful/
Bad Attitude Frightening/
Tense Scenes Guns/
Weapons Moderate Minor Heavy *Moderate Heavy   Imitative
Behavior Jump
Scenes Music
(Scary/Tense) Music
(Inappropriate) Profanity Mild Minor Heavy None Mild   Sex/
Nudity Smoking Tense Family
Scenes Topics To
Talk About Violence Mild Mild Moderate Moderate Extreme   QUICK TAKE: Action/Adventure: A young man tries to balance his personal and superhero lives while dealing with his new nemesis, the multi-tentacled "Doc Ock." PLOT: It's been two years since high school student Peter Parker (TOBEY MAGUIRE) was bit by a genetically altered spider that turned him into a teenager with superhuman powers.

How to Use AutoResponders for Ministry and Follow Up (08 at 2) - Almost every online business uses autoresponders for automated follow-up and sales. Are you using one in your ministry? What is an autoresponder?   An autoresponder is simply an automated email program that responds to an incoming email automatically, with a pre-written message.

Communicating Electronically in Your Ministry (08 at 2) - The plans were set. The food was purchased. The reservations had been made. This was going to be one of the coolest events of the year! Though I normally call all volunteers and many of the key leaders in the youth group to remind them about big events, I instead sent out mass eMail messages pumping up our special Fall outreach event, which involved laser tag, loud music, and large amounts of junk food.

5 Tips to Make Your (08 at 2) -
Do you remember years ago when "Jurassic Park" came out on video? I'll never forget it. Because that's when my idea for a movie night FLOPPED BIG TIME!!!

Everyone was talking about the release of the huge blockbuster film.

Using Handwriting Fonts (08 at 2) - If you're looking to add a more personal touch to your websites in the form of a signature that looks more like a real signature (but isn't actually yours), then you'll find free hand writing fonts at this website.

Using the Internet for Media in Ministry (08 at 2) - Goodbye Fido. Forget Rover. See Spot run...away. When it comes to using media technology in ministry, the no-longer-new-yet-ever-expanding Internet is, or certainly can be, a youth worker's best friend. Besides, there's no house (only mouse) training required. By now, nearly all of us youth ministry types are tapping (and typing) into the power and effectiveness of e-mail, instant messaging, and cyber shopping, not to mention

Using YouthPrint (08 at 2) - Using YouthPrint     Watch the videos at They will explain adding members and the difference in the public an private blog.   If you create extra admin members do NOT delete them. We’ve had an instance where it deleted the entire account.

Fishing with a Big 'Net Using the Web Effectively for Christ (08 at 2) - Imagine a ministry that continues to proclaim Christ long after you’re tucked into bed for the night. Imagine a resource that anyone from anywhere in the world can access with little effort.



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