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You are currently browsing the Games & Icebreakers sub-category of the Youth Ministry category of our Articles.

Games & Ice Breakers (02 at 6) - Getting to Know You/M&M Name Game

Games & Ice Breakers (01 at 5) - Catch that Marshmallow

Games & Ice Breakers (11 at 12) - Tic-Tac-Toe An Old Game With A New Twist

Games and Icebreakers (10 at 3) - Forgiveness and Praise Balloon Time

Games & Ice Breakers (09 at 8) - Slow Motion Ping Pong

Games and Icebreakers (05 at 6) - Find That Date Scavenger Hunt; Real Live Person Scavenger Hunt

Games and Icebreakers (03 at 5) - You've Got Mail and Tell the Truth

Games and Icebreakers (02 at 12) - Getting to know you.

Games and Ice Breakers (01 at 7) - The Memory Dance; Can You Hear Me Now?

Games and Ice Breakers (11 at 9) - Cap and Balloon and Potato Sack Relay

Games and Ice Breakers (10 at 7) - Marshmallows and Cream Pies

Games (09 at 8) - This game happened totally by accident

Games & Icebreakers (09 at 12) - These are great games just to have fun with.

Games and Icebreakers (04 at 5) - Guess Who I Am-Team'um Up

Games & Icebreakers (02 at 8) - This egg joke is a blast and something your teens will remember for a long time.

Games & Icebreakers (01 at 9) - These three games are just plain fun.

Games and Icebreakers (12 at 5) - Why not set a one month resolution instead of a one year resolution?

Games and Icebreakers (07 at 5) - 3 on 3 basketball is a great way to get new teens involved in your ministry.

Relay Games (11 at 5) - Get those last water games in before the cold weather hits.

3 Ice Breakers (05 at 7) -   Around the World The leader begins by saying the name of any country, city, river, ocean or mountain that can be found in an atlas. The young person next to him must then say another name that begins with the last letter of the word just given.

Bobbing for Marsh Mellows (01 at 9) - Okay, do you want to have fun and get good and sticky? This game is awesome especially for Jr. high students.

Games & Icebreakers (12 at 9) - This game is so wacky that your kids will want to play it for hours.

Statistical Treasure Hunt (11 at 9) - Purpose: To create communication, learn about each other, and just have fun. Here is a great game for learning more about your group members. The game can be played at a youth devotional or at a banquet table.

Frisbee Golf (10 at 8) - You don't need to be a golf pro to enjoy this game. If you can throw, you can play.

Balloon Race (10 at 8) - This game will allow the "hot air" to freely flow.

Blind Volleyball (10 at 7) - A game where everyone is on equal ground.

Church House Info (10 at 7) - This is a timed event and is so much fun. Divide your group into teams and go for it.

Spirderman PowerPoint Game (06 at 9) - Members download the Spiderman game here...   Click Here

Valentine's Games (02 at 4) - Valentine's Day can lead to talks about love, dating, purity, or even lust and pornography. Some of the discussions will open the door to talk about the "junk" that we're allowing in our life that doesn't belong there

Games (01 at 5) - Some are old and some are new but they are all just plain fun.

Team Builders (01 at 5) - events and games to develop teamwork

Mixers & Icebreakers (01 at 5) - A couple dozen mixers and icrebreakers.



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