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You are currently browsing the Listen to Lisa sub-category of the Youth Ministry category of our Articles.

CHRISTIANITY AND HEALTH ARE A WAY OF LIFE (10 at 1) - For the young ladies in your group

Listen to Lisa (11 at 6) - Count Blessings

Listen to Lisa (07 at 5) - A Little Refreshment

Listen to Lisa (05 at 9) - And a One and a Two...

Listen to Lisa (05 at 6) - Comparisons

Listen to Lisa (04 at 7) - Tracking

Listen to Lisa (03 at 8) - Offering

Listen to Lisa (01 at 8) - Weekend Guilt

Listen to Lisa (01 at 6) - Results

Listen to Lisa (12 at 8) - Waiting for a Change in Seasons

Listen to Lisa (11 at 7) - Thanksgiving

Listen to Lisa (11 at 5) - Making a Great Life

Listen to Lisa (10 at 7) - What's Up With You?

Listen to Lisa (09 at 6) - Formulas

Listen to Lisa (08 at 2) - De-Cluttering

Listen to Lisa (07 at 12) - Goal Setting

Listen to Lisa (06 at 5) - Look Up

Listen to Lisa (05 at 3) - Keep On Keeping On!

Listen to Lisa (04 at 5) - Oh, My Aching Toes

Listen to Lisa (03 at 4) - From Ashes to Glory

Listen to Lisa (02 at 5) - He goes before me.

Listen to Lisa (01 at 7) - What do I do now?

Listen to Lisa (12 at 7) - Several years ago I made a deal with myself.

Listen to Lisa (11 at 6) - Am I the only one who struggles with and identity crisis from time to time?

Listen to Lisa (10 at 7) - It's taken me a lot of years but I've finally learned.

Listen to Lisa (08 at 7) - Often my greatest times of worship occurs outside the church building.

Listen to Lisa (08 at 6) - There are times when I take on too much and try to hard too make things happen.

Listen to Lisa (07 at 5) - I'm not a big fan of confrontation.

Listen to Lisa (06 at 8) - Three friends and I recently began a study together.

Listen to Lisa (05 at 7) - Struggling through the loss of a close friend.

Listen to Lisa (04 at 7) - I have nothing against Earth Day, although I do think it has become commercialized.

Listen to Lisa (03 at 9) - As much as I enjoy traveling, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed taking a journey with the Israelites.

Listen to Lisa (02 at 8) - Peace I leave you; my peace I give you.

Listen to Lisa (12 at 10) - Jesus was the perfect example of someone whose life was in perfect balance.

Listen to Lisa (12 at 7) - I love to read the Bible, especially those books that are chock-filled with hope and encouragement.

Uprooted (11 at 5) - Do you ever wonder what God has in store for you?

Listen to Lisa (10 at 8) - There is absolutely nothing too hard for God.

Enough (09 at 8) - Am I the only one who struggles with identity crisis from time to time?

Listen to Lisa (08 at 5) - There are times when I try to take on too much, try too hard to make things happen.

A Time to Heal (07 at 5) - There are times when we all must go through a healing process and it is not always easy.

Saving the Earth (06 at 7) - I have nothing against Earth Day but it has become so commercialized.

The Lord Will Provide (04 at 8) - I still don't know how and when God is going to handle my problems but I know He will.

The Doubters (04 at 2) - Sometimes it is good to know that you are not the only doubter around.

Dying to Self (03 at 1) - Dying to self sounds great and noble in theory, but in reality is quite painful.

Peace, Perfect Peace (02 at 8) - Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.

In Case You Need A Reminder (01 at 7) - Make 2009 a year of bold, faith-filled praying.

Thankful for Good Service (12 at 8) - Shopping is an activity that I usually enjoy, although the closer it gets to the holidays, the less my enthusiasm for being surrounded by hundreds of others searching for the "perfect" gift.

Spiritual Influences (11 at 6) -   I am in a particularly reflective mood this week (although that is not saying much, as I am nearly always in a reflective mood!). Tonight I started thinking about various people that God has gifted me with who have been powerful spiritual influences on my life.

While I am surrounded with many great influences in my family, church and among my friends, there are some influences that are no longer with me for one reason or another.

The Lost Horse (09 at 9) - This story is a good reminder that not everything is as bad (or as good) as it sometimes seems.

9/11 and the Sovereighnty of God (09 at 8) - September 11, 2001 was, for me, memorable. It marked the first morning of a very special trip with my wife to the quaint town of Chatham on Cape Cod.

Eye Sore (08 at 12) - How bad does your eye hurt?

Freedom to Worship (07 at 3) - As you mark this day of freedom, let me encourage you to celebrate the freedom we have to worship God how we want, when we want, where we want.

Active Waiting (06 at 8) - One discipline of the spiritual life to which many of us find it most difficult to submit is that of waiting.

A Joyful Noise (05 at 8) - The ability to express ourselves through song, through art, even directly through prayer, is a special blessing, one that I take for granted far too often.

Will Life Get Any Easier? (04 at 8) - I suppose that I should stop thinking that the Christian life is supposed to get easier the older I get.

In The Meantime (03 at 8) - One of my pet peeves is standing behind someone in line at the grocery store (or Target or some other store) who is unprepared to pay when they make it to the register.

Productively Sitting Still (02 at 9) - I've been attending a class on spiritual disciplines on Wednesday nights at our church this quarter. In tonight's class we discussed the discipline of meditation

Only God Knows (01 at 8) - Only God knows for sure what 2008 holds for me.

We All Need Somebody to Lean On (12 at 9) - I'm not a very good leaner. I prefer to be the lean-ee, the person that others lean on in times of crisis.

Black, White and Gray (11 at 9) - Life would be so much easier if everything was black and white. Instead, it's filled with a lot of grays.

Praise Preceding Deliverance (10 at 8) - As I read through the Old Testament, sometimes I am stunned by the Israelites' lack of faith in trusting a God who delivered them time and time again.

Hitting the Wall (09 at 8) - Cut, paste, and send this to your teens or use it as an "Attention Getter" in a class or devo.

Life Is Fleeting (08 at 7) - The tragic scene at Virginia Tech has reminded me that life is fleeting. That's certainly not a new revelation, but one that I need to be reminded of from time to time.

Me, Me, Me (07 at 5) - By the time the worship service and Sunday school were over, I just wanted to get out of there and go home and take a nap. I found myself being less than my usual friendly self with people who were talking to me because I was focused on how tired I was.

Someone Needs This Prayer (06 at 5) - There are several prayers offered on behalf of the saints throughout the New Testament. I am learning to adopt these prayers as my own in praying for myself as well as for others.

Fresh Start (05 at 6) - Last night, I intended to spend much of the evening reading and studying my Bible. Instead, I spent much of it surfing the Internet, catching up on news stories and other people's blogs.

Expect the Unexpected (04 at 8) - Often things happen in our lives that are totally unexpected. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not but God is always in control.

Praying for Others (03 at 6) - Perhaps the two most powerful words in the English language are "I'm sorry." Surely the three most powerful words are "I love you". In my opinion, the four most powerful words are "I'm praying for you."

Am I the Only One? (02 at 7) - "That's great for them, but that would never happen to ME."

Excuses, Excuses (01 at 6) - How many times have I uttered excuses to rationalize my behavior?

Gift Giving (12 at 5) - If you were going to receive an unlimited gift card to any store or retailer of your choice, what would you choose?

Waiting for Daddy (09 at 5) - While my boyfriend's out of town for a week and a half, I'm being a sweet girlfriend and dogsitting his dog Fletcher. It's actually not a chore at all; I adore Fletcher and he loves me and my own dog loves him as well, so we're all one big happy furry family right now.

A Lesson in the Tall Grass (09 at 5) -
I mowed my grass tonight. It really needed it. Between the bouts of rain we've had, 90-something degree weather every day, and a hectic schedule the last couple of weeks, I'd neglected to cut it.

The Final Score (09 at 5) - The other night my boyfriend and I caught the re-airing of last season's SEC football championship game between Auburn and Tennessee. With him being a huge Auburn fan and me being a non-Tennessee fan (by virtue of my being a huge Alabama fan), we both enjoyed watching the game again.

Although there were parts of the game that we didn't enjoy (hearing "Rocky Top" just once is usually enough to have it stuck in my head all evening), we could relax as we watched it because we knew what the final score would be (Auburn 38,

Skipping Thanksgiving (09 at 5) -   
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The problem is, it's not even November yet. Christmas is still a couple of months away.

But from the looks of many stores in the area, you'd think that ole Saint Nick was about to scurry down the chimney.

Amazing Love (09 at 5) - Perhaps you heard the story this week of Tina Marie Stebbins of San Bernadino, California. In June 2002, Stebbins' boyfriend shot her, then held her hostage in his family's garage for six days before she was taken to a hospital.

Thankful (09 at 5) - Thankful Dear God,

As I see pictures and hear stories of the devastation caused by Katrina, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. Please don't let me lose sight of all that You've given me.

Pigeonholed (09 at 5) - It seems like every other week or so, I get an e-mail with a fun little personality quiz attached. Thanks to these oh-so-scientific quizzes, I know now what kind of dessert I would be, what sign of affection I most resemble, and where I rate on Dr.

Soaking (09 at 5) - Tonight I had camp stew for dinner. The large stainless spoon rest I used got pretty greasy, but rather than attack it right away with the olí scouring pad, I let it soak in some dishwashing liquid for a long while.

Waiting for Daddy (09 at 5) - While my boyfriend's out of town for a week and a half, I'm being a sweet girlfriend and dogsitting his dog Fletcher. It's actually not a chore at all; I adore Fletcher and he loves me and my own dog loves him as well, so we're all one big happy furry family right now.

I Wonder... (09 at 5) - I Wonder   There are many questions that I have that the Bible doesn't give answers to, at least not directly. I wonder a lot about Jesus' life growing up in Nazareth, dealing with being a divine, perfect being in an extremely imperfect world.

I wonder...
...if Jesus kept His room clean or if He was messy.
...if He wrestled with His brothers and/or Joseph.
...what His voice sounded like when He was going through puberty, if it cracked and sounded all squeaky.
...if He was ever tempted to heal Himself when He had a cold or

Biblical Time Machine (09 at 5) - There are many moments in Biblical history that I wish I could be transported into, to be a fly on the wall and see the action firsthand. The creation, for instance--can you imagine anything more breathtaking than that? Or the parting of the Red Sea.

Choosing My Words (09 at 5) - I'm still on the road to recovery from this sinus crud, feeling even better today. However, the crud seems to have wrapped itself squarely around my throat, and as a result I'm losing my voice.

License Plate Inspiration (09 at 5) - Although I don't enjoy fighting my way through traffic, one of the upsides of driving is spotting personalized license plates. Some are funny, some are stupid, others are puzzling and sometimes take a moment to dicipher.

The Impossible Made Possible (09 at 5) - I've been focusing a lot on the topic of surrender, namely surrendering my will, my desires, my life to God for His purposes. I'll be honest, it is not an easy feat.

I Love This Game (09 at 5) - Autistic teen's 20-point night touches all
Associated Press
GREECE, N.Y. -- Jason McElwain had done everything he was asked to do for the Greece Athena High School basketball team -- keep the stats, run the clock, hand out water bottles.

That all changed last week for the team manager in the final home game of the season.

Led by the Spirit (09 at 5) -  "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Matt. 5:6)
Life is good right now. The last couple of weeks have been stressful, mainly due to a heavy workload, but since I've been making a conscious effort to dedicate each day to God, He's enabled me to get a great amount of work done in a short amount of time.

Abundance (09 at 5) - It's funny how you can read the same passage over and over, and still discover something new about it.

This morning I was reading John 6, where Jesus feeds the 5,000+ crowd with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish.



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