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You are currently browsing the Out Reach Ideas sub-category of the Youth Ministry category of our Articles.

Outreach Idea (07 at 11) - Adopt a Grandparent

Outreach Idea (06 at 5) - Back to School Bash

Outreach Idea (05 at 7) - School Supply Month

Outreach Idea (04 at 6) - Hospital Visitation

Outreach Idea (03 at 8) - Nose Paint-Off Contest

Outreach Idea (03 at 10) - Wild and Wacky Talent Show

Outreach Idea (02 at 7) - Valentine Banquet

Outreach Ideas (01 at 5) - Senior Saint Game Day

Outreach Idea (12 at 9) - Taking Your Community for Jesus

Outreach Idea (10 at 6) - Schoolhouse Outreach

Outreach Idea (02 at 8) - Homeless Awareness Weekend

Outreach Ideas (12 at 7) - Get involved with acts of kindness.

Fifth Sunday Extravaganza (09 at 6) - This is a great way for your group to remember a big event.

Outreach Ideas (08 at 2) - With school back in session, it would be a great time to start a reading ministry.

Outreach Ideas (07 at 7) - Summer is almost over so why not go out with an in-house service day?

Outreach Ideas (03 at 7) - Many, many older people would love to be ministered to by teens.

Outreach Ideas (01 at 9) - Reach out to the single moms and senior saints in your church and surrounding neighborhood.

Outreach Ideas (12 at 11) - Christian teens can make a huge difference.

Backyard Bible School (09 at 7) - This may seem old fashioned but children and teens love it.

Outreach Ideas (07 at 8) - Get your teens out of the building and into the community.

Outreach Ideas (06 at 7) - It's never to early to start planning your back-to-school event.

Outreach Idea (05 at 7) - Reach the families in your community.

Outreach Ideas (02 at 9) - Free car wash for faculty and staff and custodian appreciation day.

Food Bank Drive (01 at 9) - A great idea for any size youth group.

Turning Trick-or-Treat Around (10 at 8) - Do you want to take trick or treating to a whole new level for your youth group?

Outdoor Football Game and Testimony Night (10 at 8) - Last football season our campus minister decided to do something a little on the radical side.

Trunk or Treat (09 at 8) - This is a great event for your youth ministry to help the children of your community.

Adopt-A-Grandparent (08 at 7) - One of the neatest things we did over this past summer was to play board games and serve refreshments at two local assisted living homes.

Brighter Days (07 at 8) - Simple ideas are often the most productive.

Milk Shakes Galore (06 at 8) - Great ideas to help bring your group closer together.

No Money Allowed (05 at 7) - This is an outreach activity that most teens will not want to be involved in. However, please encourage them to part and help them understand that it is not always about them.

Paint Up, Fix Up (04 at 7) - Can you think of a better way to show love for someone than to serve them while they are in need?

Outreach Ideas (03 at 8) - A service project where students serve their parents.

One Month Tutor Blast (02 at 9) - School will soon be out and summer activities will begin. There are those who might not be able to go on trips, play baseball or take part in church related activities because of grades. It would be awesome if we could help those who are struggling.

Coats for Kids (12 at 9) - Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Unfortunately, we have children in our cities that do not have winter coats.

Food for Families (11 at 9) - Does your Church or community have a food pantry or food bank? Why not put your youth group in charge of gathering and taking food to those in need?

Rake and Run for Fun (10 at 8) - This outreach idea is as old as the trees in your grandma’s yard. However, some ideas are worth keeping around for a while. The leaves are beginning to fall and that could mean fun times for youth groups.

Serving Those Who Serve (09 at 8) - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!



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