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You are currently browsing the Quiet Time sub-category of the Youth Ministry category of our Articles.

Quiet Time (04 at 12) - Sanctified

Quiet Time (03 at 11) - I rejoice when others are blessed.

Quiet Time (02 at 6) - The worst education that teaches self-denial is better than the best which teaches everything else.

Quiet Time (01 at 6) - To reign, God must have power, and to reign sovereignly,He must have all power.

Quiet Time (10 at 7) - Love your child too much to loose them!

Desire (04 at 7) - The first sin of humanity was not an action, but a choice.

Christmas was Different this Year (12 at 4) - Quiet Time
Christmas was a little different this year for many homes as compared to those same homes in past years. There are not as many presents this year and many who did purchase gifts did not spend as much as before.

Because of the Gift (12 at 9) - What are we doing because of the Gift?

Raising the Level of Your Ministry Success (08 at 8) - Is your event a good idea or a God idea?

Disapointments Offer Opportunities (06 at 8) - Most Christians we read about in scripture went through terrible trials, why shouldn't we?

Emotions (05 at 4) - Psychologists have identified as many as 360 different emotions. Everyone experiences a myriad of emotions every day. Some days may feel more emotionally balanced than others. We’ve all had those days where...

The Name of God (04 at 8) - So, what is in a name, exactly? Think of a graveyard. One similarity comes to mind in most of them: Tombstones, containing names.

Exalted-The Word of God (03 at 6) - Do you have friends with nick names? Have you used their nick names so often that sometimes you do not remember that their real name?

God and Pain (02 at 9) - God allows us to experience pain to protect us!

Life Stories (01 at 7) - Your life tells a story. It may not be worthy of a movie; although some of the best movies are of real people who have done extraordinary things with their lives. But regardless of whether or not you life would be a hit on the big screen, the story your life tells is being watched by others around you.

Compassion (11 at 9) - Zach Hunter is a teenage student with a dream: to end slavery in the world.

Quiet Time- “Stand” (10 at 6) - During the season premier of “Survivor-China” each of the game contestants were taken to a Buddhist Temple to participate in a cultural ceremony to welcome them to China.  Before the ceremony they were assured that this was not a worship service and it wasn’t intended to conflict with anyone’s religious beliefs.  However, once inside the temple they were surrounded by statues of Buddha and parts of the ceremony required bowing down in front of this Chinese god as a way to show respect.  One of the contestants was an outspoken

Identity (09 at 8) - Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? Perhaps you’ve been told that you remind someone of their close friend- that you have an uncanny resemblance.

Contentment (08 at 5) - Do you ever wish you could change something about yourself? Most people would say yes!

Out Numbered But In Control (07 at 7) - It had to be total chaos. Jesus was being challenged by a band of soldiers led by one who had served with Him for three years.

Preparing for Rain (06 at 5) - How can I expect my faith to strengthen if I do not allow God the opportunity to work in a mighty way?

Family (05 at 5) - When you think about your family, what things immediately come to mind? Maybe you think of family meals, or your sibling that drives you crazy, or maybe you think about a great vacation you’ve been on recently.

Value (04 at 6) - How do you measure value? Start by thinking about material things you have. Maybe the value is in the cost of the item; perhaps the item has sentimental value to you but would be worthless to someone else; we also place value based on our favor toward the item.

The Glorious Middle (03 at 5) - As a child I got to travel a lot with my family. One summer we ended up at The Grand Canyon. I remember getting to the rim of the canyon about sunset and thinking it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

Living Art (02 at 7) - Have you ever considered yourself a work of art? Genesis 2:7 says, “The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

God's Secrets (01 at 7) - Chances are at some point in time someone has trusted you enough to tell you a major secret.

Wake Up! (12 at 8) - Every day almost everyone on the planet has the same dreaded experience…the alarm clockgoes off. Some people wake up to music while others experience the blaring sound of a beeping alarm that pierces the silence.

Quiet Time with God :: 04 (12 at 8) - The word of the day that we need to wrap our minds around is the word “PURE.” This is probably most easily associated with sexual purity. Thank God for movements such as True Love Waits that is challenging people to remain sexually pure until marriage! But there is more to purity than simply waiting to have sex until marriage.

Quiet Time With God (12 at 5) - The Bible says in 2 Corinthians that we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Quiet Time With God (12 at 4) - The Bible describes God in many different ways, but the most concise is probably found in 1 John 4:16- “God is love”. That’s about as plain as it gets!

Forgiven (12 at 1) - Think of a time in your past when someone forgave you of something. Maybe it was something small or maybe you were shown forgiveness on a large scale.

Quiet Time with God :: 02 (08 at 1) - Philippians 4:8-9 During this session we are going to engage in a time of thought on the word “NOBLE.”  What kinds of things come to mind when you hear this word?  Do you think of kings and knights?  Take a minute to describe an image of something you believe is noble- it could be an idea as much as a person or object.           I have seen the word noble described as “those majestic things which command respect and which lift up one’s mind from the mundane.”[1]  Write down a few things about

Quiet Time with God :: 03 (08 at 1) - Philippians 4:8-9
Direct your thoughts to a very simple word: “RIGHT.”  One of my previous Pastor’s attributed credit to the football coach Knute Rockne for coming up with this clever quote: “Do right!”  I thought it was hilarious that of all the people who have probably said those words, he gave them to a football coach from several decades ago.  God has the same desires for us though.     It is very easy to live in a world of sin either participating in or pointing out what is wrong, but for us

Quiet Time with God :: 01 (08 at 1) - Read Philippians 4:8-9
During the next six sessions we’ll focus our minds on a different word from this passage. The goal is to train yourself to think in a way that glorifies God as you take on the attitude of Christ as described earlier in this book (Phil.



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