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Combat Zone (03 at 6) - ABC's of Youth Ministry

4 Questions Part 4 (12 at 11) -   20,000 Teens were surveyed on 4 questions…   1. What is your biggest challenge in growing deeper in your relationship with God?   2. What is your biggest regret in your relationship with God?   3.

4 Questions Part 3 (12 at 10) -   20,000 Teens were surveyed on 4 questions…   1. What is your biggest challenge in growing deeper in your relationship with God?   2. What is your biggest regret in your relationship with God?   3.

4 Questions Part 2 (12 at 10) -   1. What is your biggest challenge in growing deeper in your relationship with God?   2. What is your biggest regret in your relationship with God?   3. What is your biggest hope in your relationship with God?   4.

4 Questions part 1 (12 at 10) -   20,000 Teens were surveyed on 4 questions…   1. What is your biggest challenge in growing deeper in your relationship with God?   2. What is your biggest regret in your relationship with God?   3.

Youth Ministry (09 at 4) - 5 Ways To Use Parents in Your Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry (05 at 2) - Hope

Youth Ministry (04 at 6) - Separating Good Ideas from God Ideas.

Youth Ministry (04 at 5) - Freedom

Youth Ministry (03 at 6) - 50 Things Teens Should Know Before Leaving Your Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry (09 at 8) - Knowing how to build relationships is vital to your ministry.

Youth Ministry (08 at 6) - Simple thoughts for working with teens.

Youth Ministry (06 at 7) - A bar of iron just looks worthless.

Youth Ministry (05 at 5) - A survey by James Patterson and Peter Kim.

Youth Ministry (05 at 7) - How to Pray for Yourself and Your Teens.

Youth Ministry (04 at 7) - Parents are so valuable, use them.

Youth Ministry (03 at 7) - It might be humorous, it might be very true.

Youth Ministry (01 at 9) - Most parents want to be involved in your youth ministry so use their talents.

A Gift to My Youth Group (12 at 8) - Christmas is a time of giving, so give them a gift they will cherish forever.

Youth Ministry (11 at 8) - Just a few things I am thankful for.

Youth Ministry (11 at 8) - 10 questions to ask yourself to help keep you on track.

ABC'S of Youth Ministry (11 at 7) - Just follow the alphabet to enhance your youth ministry.

Youth Ministry (10 at 7) - This has been a terrible week at one of our local Christian schools.

10 Reasons Why I'm in Youth Ministry (08 at 7) - Great article for all youth workers to digest.

Think About It! (07 at 8) - Seventy-five percent of her guests were unsaved.

5 Ways to Affirm Your Teens (06 at 5) - Affirming teens is one of the most important things you can do in ministry.

10 Teen Leadership Mistakes (05 at 7) - Teens often make mistakes when they begin the leadership process.

Youth Ministry (05 at 7) - Counseling is something that all youth ministers will deal with, be prepared.

Put It To The Biblical Test (04 at 8) - Be ready to give a Biblical answer.

Pray Your Ministry Through the Summer (04 at 5) - We spend our time planning, packing and preparing for the summer but we often forget praying.

Important Interview Questions (04 at 7) - Don't be afraid to ask questions of your own during the interview process.

How to Start a Teen Bible Study Group (03 at 7) - We have often been asked how to start a teen Bible study group.

What is Sexting? (03 at 8) - Sexting is sex plus texting.

Resolving Conflict (03 at 8) - Get ready! We often face conflict in youth ministry.

The 'Am I Spiritually Stagant' Test (02 at 9) - I was on a retreat this past weekend with our youth group and one of our youth ministers challenged us with three or four questions which she called the "slump test". Use it for yourself and your teens and even their parents.

Using Parents in Student Ministry (01 at 8) - Use parents in ministry as much as possible. Most parents really want to help.

Being a Good Team Leader (01 at 7) -
As a youth worker we are either volunteers or work with volunteers. Whatever the case, we need to put together a team and train them to lead our teens in their relationship with God and His Son.
Below are listed a few suggestions to help get you become a great team leader, if you are not already one.
Keep in mind: You can learn leadership skills.

Beatitudes Lesson 4 (12 at 6) -   Blessed Are Those Who Huger and Thirst After Righteousness!    Members Download Here

Youth Ministry (11 at 7) - Involving parents in ministry

1 Timothy Lesson 8 (06 at 5) - Do you have what it takes to be rich? Zone members click here to download this week's bible lesson with outline, powerpoint, handout and discussion guide.  

1 Timothy Lesson 7 (05 at 6) - Do you have what it takes to be poor? Zone members click here to download this week's bible lesson with outline, powerpoint, handout and discussion guide.  

I Timothy Lesson 5 (05 at 4) -  Zone members you can download this week's lesson from I Timothy. Click Here.

Lesser Know Heroes Lesson 11 (01 at 6) -     Zone Member's Click Here to Dowload

Lesser Known Heroes Lesson 10 (01 at 6) -     Members Download Here

Bus Burning!! (01 at 8) -  As our youth group made it's way down to a retreat center a couple of weeks ago the back tire blew, then caught on fire, then the bus caught on fire!     God blessed and no one was hurt...       except the bus and stuff like purses and such...which don't count as anything important!     God's word made it through the flames.

Lesser Know Heroes Lesson 8 (01 at 1) -     Members Click Here to Download

Lesser Known Heroes Lesson 7 (12 at 6) -   Members: Download Here

LKH - 6 (12 at 6) -     Member's Download Here

LKH - Lesson 5 (12 at 5) -     Members Download Here

Complete Series Ready for Download. (11 at 7) - Ruth. Esther. Powerful Prayer.           Zone Members Download Here   Not a Member? Get the Details.  

Tragedy in Our Youth Group (10 at 8) - This morning between 3:30 and 4:00am the phones of our church members began ringing off the hooks. Not long after that, my phone rang and it was one of our high school coaches telling me that the mother of one of our sophomore boys was killed in a house fire.

Growing up Without Selling Out : The Professionalization of Youth Ministry (09 at 8) - My brother and his wife spend most of their waking hours thinking about drag racing. Their whole lives revolve around race cars: they build them, race them, rebuild them, and race them again.

Simple Guidelines for Discipleship (09 at 9) - We, as youth ministers, are constantly trying to get our teens to disciple others.

Ten Youth Ministry "Don't Forgets" (08 at 8) - Ten of many youth ministry "Don't Forgets."

Twenty-one Days to an Improved Youth Ministry (08 at 7) - We all need to stop periodically and exam our ministries. These points are just guides to get us started.

Pre-marital questions (07 at 6) - Several youth ministers have asked about pre-marital counseling. Listed are a few suggestions to help you get started.

What Is Student Leadership? (06 at 5) - Jesus gave his disciples an image of leadership that we will use as our standard for student leadership within our student ministry.

First Aid (05 at 11) - Zone members. Download your Summer FIRST AID Kit here... 

Evangelism (04 at 5) - 2 tools to help your teens become more evangelistic. A 4 week bible study and a PowerPoint that teens can use to share their faith with their friends.

Entire Romans Series (04 at 5) - The entire Romans series is now available for download....    

Directors Cut (03 at 5) - For teen listening. Short MP3 about what to cut out of out lives.   Members Download Here

Youth Ministry Zone 3rd Year! (03 at 6) - Teen Life Ministries “It’s a Passion – Not a Game”     It’s hard to believe, but The Youth Ministry Zone has been serving youth ministers for almost 3 years! April will be our 3rd anniversary!!!   We’re excited and want to thank all who have joined and have told us how The Zone has…   1.

Lessons Learned In My First Two Years of Youth Ministry (02 at 9) - The last two years have been overwhelmingly positive and warm. I feel that I have gleaned a lot from our elders, and other ministry staff. I want to thank our elders and our congregation for taking a chance on my wife and me.

Fruit of the Spirit (02 at 6) - 9 Lessons on the fruit of the Spirit have been added to the Member Submissions area.     Zone Members Click Here to Download

Youth Ministry : Staying Focused and on Fire (01 at 7) - Free youth ministry resource to keep you focsed and on fire.

Traits Teens Look for in a Youth Minister (08 at 1) - Teens want a youth minister who:   1. Is available when I have needs. “I don’t have time right now” is translated into “You are not important” by teenagers. Sometimes teens want to talk.

Time Management Tips (08 at 1) - 1.  Begin each day and project with prayer. Instead of thinking about managing your time, think about it as managing God’s time. Ask for His wisdom during decision- making. Ask for His insight when studying and preparing for classes and lessons.

Priorities for Successful Ministry (08 at 1) - 1. Depend completely on God. God alone never fails. At some time everyone has felt the hurt of a broken trust. We all know the sting of death or the sharp criticism of a friend.

Boosting Creativity (08 at 1) - 1. Exercise your brain.  The “use it or lose it” rule applies to the brain as well as other parts of the body.  Most people feel they are creative or they are not, and that’s just the way it is.

Building Credibility with Parents (08 at 1) - 1. Let parents know you care. Let them know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get their teens to heaven. Don’t just tell them you care, show them.

Getting Volunteers (08 at 1) - 1. Don’t wait till the last minute. Begin early with your recruiting for several reasons. Most adult volunteers have full time jobs so they need to know in advance if time off from work will be required.

Promoting Class Discussion (08 at 1) - 1. Make sure the subject is relevant. A class on The Christian Symbolism in World War II might be of some interest (maybe) to someone in your church, but not to teens.

Goals for Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - 1. Do whatever it takes to get teens to heaven. Paul wrote that he became all things to all people so that some might be saved (II Corinthians 9:19-23).  How well does this relate to your ministry?

Tips for Teaching (08 at 1) - 1. Teach, don’t preach. Preaching tells teens what to think. Teaching allows teens to discover it for themselves. Another way to put that is: Teens might believe what you tell them, they will believe what they tell themselves.   2.

Reasons Teens Leave the Church (08 at 1) - 1. Never converted. When a person grows up going to church, it’s easy to adopt a belief system without owning it. Verses may get memorized, but not internalized. Confession may be made, but not a commitment.

Ministry Frustration (08 at 1) - 1. Losing teens. Whether to the world, another group, or relocation, losing a teen pulls a minister down. And it always seems to happen when the kid was making a breakthrough, or having a tremendous impact on the rest of the group.                         Tip: Don’t take it personally when a teen leaves.

Tools for Bible Study (08 at 1) - 1. A variety of versions. Get the clearest meaning of a passage through the use of different versions. KJV, NIV, the Message; it’s your choice, just don’t limit yourself to a paraphrase.

Staying Physically Healthy (08 at 1) - 1. Get convicted. Someone once told me years ago that we workout for two reasons. Either to live longer and serve God longer, or to live longer and serve Satan longer.                         Whether we like the shape of it or not, God has chosen this fleshly frame to take the good news of Jesus to the world.

Tools for Times of Crisis (08 at 1) - 1. Ask for guidance. As in any area of life, don’t try to go it alone. Seek the counsel of two major influences. First, ask God for His guidance. No crisis surprises Him with its complexities.

Living a Life of Joy (08 at 1) - 1. Be thankful. “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” I Thessalonians 5:18. Live with a thankful spirit. Get out a sheet of paper, or use the left margin, and list ten things you are thankful for at this moment.

Ways to Involve Parents (08 at 1) - 1. Bible Class teachers. One advantage to using parents to teach is that they have teens of their own, possibly in the class they are instructing. They know the needs of teens and some of the issues they are facing.

Counseling Techniques (08 at 1) - 1. Reflecting. Reflection is the process of restating to the teen what was stated to you. By reflecting you begin to understand where the teen is coming from and the teen begins to feel understood.

10 Great Service Projects (08 at 1) - 1. Cookout for city sanitation workers. Have you ever noticed those guys who ride around and pick up the trash on your curb? Have you ever thought they may not feel appreciated?

Reaching Troubled Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Love the unloved. In Luke 7 a “sinful woman” entered the house of Simon the Pharisee to anointed the feet of Jesus. Simon couldn’t believe that Jesus would allow her to touch Him.

Traits of a Strong Youth Group (08 at 1) - 1. Christ Centered. A lot of problems handle themselves when a group is totally centered around Jesus. Within your group there may be personality and social problems, but a majority of these will be minor with Jesus in the middle.

Techniques to Reach Unchurched Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Love them with your whole heart. It’s hard to believe the number of children in the world who never hear, “I love you.” By the time those kids get to be teens their hearts are callused and closed to those who would love them.

Counseling Teens: Do's (08 at 1) - 1. Be available. When teens are in need and you are “too busy” it makes a teen feel unimportant. If you don’t have time for them, they will find someone, or something else that will.

Verses to Memorize (08 at 1) - 1.    John 3:16-17. 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Staying Mentally Healthy (08 at 1) - 1. Stretch your faith. “We walk by faith, not by sight” II Corinthians 5:7. Take the pressure off of yourself and place it on God, which is what He wants anyway.

Leaving a Ministry? (08 at 1) - 1. When you lose vision and stop reaching  goals. Months may pass when little appears to be happening in your ministry, but you still have a dream, you still “press toward the prize in Jesus,” as Paul puts it.

Tips for Wasting Time (08 at 1) - 1. Spend a lot of time trying to decide what to do. Assume the classic “thinker’s pose” and sit for as long as you can. Don’t use the night before to arrange your day.

Tools for Affirming Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Jar of Affirmation. Place a jar in the middle of your classroom floor with a teen’s name taped to it. Give each group member a piece of paper and a pencil to write an encouraging note to the person whose name is on the jar.

Youth Activity Planning (08 at 1) - 1. Have a purpose in mind. What do you want to accomplish with an event? Discipleship? Fellowship? Refreshment? Everything you plan should have a reason behind it. Why? Because events for events sake breeds superficialness.

Questions to Ask Volunteer Youth Leaders (08 at 1) - 1.  “Do you love teens and possess a strong desire to minister to them?”  You would think that a person who applies for a volunteer position would love teens, but some adults like to be pushy and teens are the easiest people for them to push around.

Needs of Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Spiritual Needs. “Let us make man in our own image” (Genesis 1:26). From the beginning an inner need for spirituality was given to us by our heavenly parents. There is no time  this need can be touched greater than during the teen years.

Communication with Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Start fresh. Step before your teens and lay your commitment to them on the line. Make a statement that lets them know that you will give them attention when they speak to you.

Teen Faith Development (08 at 1) - 1. God’s power. Jesus said, “No one can come to me unless the Father draws Him” (John 6:44). This is the number one tool for a teen’s faith development. God draws a teen into a relationship with Him.

Taking Time for Family (08 at 1) - 1. Family Vacation. At the beginning of each year, go ahead and mark the vacation days you want to take with your family. Check with your spouse and kids to be sure there are no conflicts with other events already on the calendar.                         Make this vacation a special time with no ministry interruptions.

Rules for Disciplining Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Set the Rules. “But...but...but...I didn’t know we couldn’t water grenade the preacher from the balcony.” Set the rules and you won’t have to worry about such excuses.                         Use a New Testament format rather than an Old Testament one.

Teen Characteristics (08 at 1) - 1. Teens want to feel loved and accepted. When it comes to these two things, teens are no different from the rest of us. We all want to feel loved.

Your First Year at a Church (08 at 1) - 1.  Establish credibility with the entire congregation. The congregation may see you as the “youth minister” and expect you to be distant from the rest of the people.   ·  During  the first year meet as many people as possible.   ·  Get to services early and shake hands.   ·  Remember names and faces not only through personal introductions, but use the picture directory if your church has one.   ·  Be visible in many roles besides youth.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. G.O.A.L.S. (08 at 1) - 1. Specific. Begin setting goals by getting specific. Nail down your desire to enable a clear picture in exact terms. A general goal may be, “I want to read more this year.” A specific goal would define “more” and the books on the “to read” list.

School Impact (08 at 1) - 1. Christian Clubs. Fellowship of Christian Students and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are popular clubs among believers at many schools. If your area schools participate, encourage your group to get involved.

Checklist for Trips (08 at 1) - 1. Determine the cost. Check the prices of hotels, airlines, buses, rentals, fees, etc. Don’t let an unforeseen cost hurt the trip or take out the budget. Look in the phonebook and call all the businesses that relate to your activity and compare prices.

Personal Finances (08 at 1) - 1. Give God the first fruit from your paycheck. “Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask, ‘How do we rob you?’ In tithes and offerings (Malichi 3:8).

Joy Filled Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - 1. Stay close to God. As rigid as some people feel God is, isn’t it amazing at how things go smoothly when we are close to Him. When we follow His ways we receive blessings as a result.

Helping Teens Self-Esteem (08 at 1) - 1. Explain “as you love yourself.” With so much talk of humility, most teens think that means to hate yourself. Denying self and hating self are two entirely different things.

Counseling Teens: Don'ts (08 at 1) - 1. Don’t force a teen into counseling. Want a quick way to shut teens down? Make them come to you for counseling. If it’s not their idea to come, or at least partially their idea, little will be accomplished.

Ways to Destroy Your Youth Group (08 at 1) - 1. Become sexually involved with teens. Nothing will destroy your ministry and the group faster or more effectively than getting sexually involved with a teen. It’s disturbing to think such an encounter is even possible, but each year we hear about youth leaders who lose their ministry because of inappropriate activity.                         The teens, their parents, and the church expect us to guide the group with purity.

What Teens Need to Know Before Leaving Your Group (08 at 1) - 1. How to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Those four characteristics balance lives and allow teens to experience balanced spirituality.  The heart speaks of our emotions.

Exercises to Help You Stay Fit (08 at 1) - 1. Push-ups. Get on your knees and place your palms on the floor about shoulder width apart. You can remain on your knees or stretch your legs out until you are on your toes.

Recognizing Burnout (08 at 1) - 1. “I feel like there is far too much responsibility on my shoulders.”  It’s tough having your name on every project. You know that if something goes wrong you get the blame.

Service Project at the Building (08 at 1) - 1. Give the Janitor the Day Off. The custodians of your church know what it’s like to feel unappreciated. When the building is clean, it’s as it should be, but if anything is out of place, they get the blame.                         Honor your cleaning staff with a day off.

Reasons to Stay in Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - 1. For the Sake of the Call. Moses stood at a burning bush. Abraham set out for an undetermined destination. Jacob wrestled with God. And you corral an unruly group of teenagers.   When God grabs your heart you can’t release the grip even if you want to.  God’s selection process provides few venues of escape (just ask Jonah).

Life Changing Moments (08 at 1) - 1. Accepting Christ. Salvation is literally life changing.  While other unexpected events may change the life and heart of teen, this change comes because of a decision.                         Part of the redemptive process is repentance, which means to change.

Keeping Teens Committed (08 at 1) - 1. Provide Maturity Classes.  Teens know how to get fed. They plop down in the teen room and wait for you to start talking. But, as you have already discovered, a present body doesn’t mean life application will take place.           Teach a seminar or present a class series that will enable teens to feed themselves.

Recharging Your Batteries (08 at 1) - 1. Attend A Youth Worker Conference. Although there are a lot more, here are three conferences that are great: ·        National Youth Workers Convention 1-800-776-8008 ·        National Youth and Children’s Ministry Convention 1-800-774-.3838 ·        National Conference on Youth Ministries 405-475-6314                         Use conferences like these and others to revive your spirit of youth ministry.   2.

Recognizing Suicidal Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Previous Attempts. When a teen develops a pattern of suicide attempts the following items in this category become even more significant and necessary to watch. Teens with a record of trying to take their lives lean toward repeating the attempt again and again.

Advantages of a Small Youth Group (08 at 1) - 1. Everybody Knows Your Name. “Our name,” said Dale Carnegie, “is the most precious sound in any language.” A small group holds a strength in this regard. You can look around the room and know each person.                         Cheers, an old television sitcom, sang, “Where everybody knows your name…” There’s comfort and security that comes from knowing others well.   2, Greater Level of Excellence.

Youth Ministry Myths (08 at 1) - 1. All Play and No Work. Whoever believes this one has never hosted a Junior High Lock-In. As in any ministry, working with youth has many unaccounted hours that the members never see.

Youth Room Decor (08 at 1) - 1. Wild Welcome Center. What is the first thing guests see when they enter your youth room? What impression do you think they receive?             Well, you know what they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Get a couple of your friendliest teens and station them at the door to warmly welcome visitors.

Ten Fasts (08 at 1) - While only one of the fasts in this chapter relates to food they all relate to the soul. Encourage your group to watch for spiritual benefits as they fast.     1. Food.

Creative Email (08 at 1) - 1. Half a message.  Who can’t send an entire message? Try sending only half the message. In order for the full message to be received have group members respond with a favorite verse or the name of a friend they are inviting to church.

How Teens Can Win Their Parents' Hearts (08 at 1) - 1. Say and Show. I John 3:18, “Brother let us love not only with word and tongue, but in deed and in truth.” Just like teens, parents want to hear, “I love you.” They want to know that their kids care for them.

Recognizing Teen Depression (08 at 1) - 1. Appearance. In some teens depression will produce ongoing sorrow with a look of ongoing hopelessness. Their skin tone can lose its healthy color. Some appear frail and weakened by their depression.                         Tip: Ask about their life.

Reaching Absent Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Call. This is as simple as it gets. When teens miss several meetings and no one contacts them they don’t feel like they are important to the group. If you as their leader don’t get in touch with them they feel like you don’t care.

Reaching Fringe Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Discover Their Fringe. Each teen lives on a different edge. Some never integrate into the group because of low esteem, drugs, lack of faith, and a host of other fringe areas.

Teaching Teens to Worship (08 at 1) - 1. Let Your Love Shine. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30).                         Worship expresses our heart to God.

Making the Elderly Feel Special (08 at 1) - 1. Give a Warm Greeting. Just like teens, older people want love and acceptance. Yet, because of the generation gap and other differences, ignoring them often results since “They’re not in my ministry.” Look around your auditorium on Sunday.

Causes of Teen Alcoholism (08 at 1) - 1. Experimentation. We all have a little Indiana Jones within us. We want to make a discovery. We want to step into the unknown to find out what it holds.

Youth Group Initiation (08 at 1) - 1. Invisible Obstacle Course. Send all your new members to a back room and bring them out one at a time. Stand them in front of an obstacle course of paper cups, plastic soda containers and other non-lethal objects that can be stepped over.

Advantages of a Large Youth Group (08 at 1) - 1. More Students on a Mission. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Bigger groups have more people available for the harvest and can become more focused with their energy to bring in the crop.

Ten Must Reads (08 at 1) - 1. The Bible. Have you ever read the Bible from cover to cover, the whole thing and not just your favorite books? Regardless of the number of fresh ideas circulating through the pages of new books this ancient text is our only legitimate guide for life and ministry.                         The Bible is not about what God did, but what He does.

Staff Unity (08 at 1) - 1. Pray Together. When the believers prayed together in Acts 4 things got shook up. Shake up your staff by praying together with passion. File the stale prayers. Trash the archaic language.

Prayer Formats (08 at 1) - 1. A.C.T.S. Possibly the oldest and most used prayer technique out there. It doesn’t go away because it is so useful and practical.   Adoration. Begin your prayer by praising God for who He is.

Tuning in to Teen Culture (08 at 1) - 1. Watch from a Mall Bench. The mall, can there be a better resource for diving into teen culture? Everywhere you look there are groups of teens. Groups of girls staring at the guys.

Keeping Your Integrity (08 at 1) - 1. Love People. “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Jesus said, “This is how all men will know you are my disciples, if you love each other” (John 13:35).

Quick Outlines (08 at 1) - 1. I Am Not Ashamed I Am Not Ashamed of My Lifestyle (Philippians 1:19-21) I Am Not Ashamed of Christ (II Timothy 7:7-8) I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16)     2. Let’s Get Personal Personal Faith (Romans 5:1-2) Personal Savior (Romans 5:6-8) Personal Relationship (Romans 5:9-11)   3.

Picking a Retreat Center (08 at 1) - 1. Settle on a Purpose. Your purpose will decide what type of facility will work best. A youth group wanting a fun weekend together may put a high priority on recreational facilities.

Tips for Getting a Raise (08 at 1) - According to our studies numbers 1 and 10 might actually work. Use the others at your own risk!     1. Do your job. Most of us like to use the term “ministry,” but when you get down to it, we get paid to do a job.

Why did Jesus choose such average disciples? (08 at 1) - Want to help a new generation of men and women in your church grow more and more like Christ? The key to making disciples of the next generation doesn’t lie in following the latest trend or preaching the cleverest sermons.

Interviewing an Intern (08 at 1) - 1. How Would You Describe Your Relationship with God? Listen for terms of intimacy and devotion. If the intern is young you don’t need to expect the maturity that develops with years of time with the Lord; however, there should be evidence of a personal faith.                         Take it deeper by asking the potential intern to write about his or her relationship.

Developing a Sense of Humor (08 at 1) - 1. Read the Comics. If for no other reason subscribe to a paper for the comic section. World crisis? Who cares. Garfield? Now we’re getting down to business. The absolute best comic strip for youth ministers is Zits.

Promotional Techniques (08 at 1) - 1. Shoot a Video. Let’s say you need to promote an upcoming mission trip to Guatemala. Video tape a series of adventures using a couple of the teens as the missionaries.

Natural Faith Sharing Techniques (08 at 1) - 1. Faithful Example. In Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby wrote, “What you do reveals what you believe about God regardless of what you say.” When teens live Christ their faith will be shared with others without their having to be brass or loud about it.

Separating Good Ideas from God Ideas (08 at 1) - Good Ideas Often Bring Glory to Me. When ideas are clever and seem above our standard level, people tend to oooh and ahh over the idea. They begin to tell others how lucky the church is to have us.   God Ideas Always Point Back to Him.

Cool Attributes of Jesus (08 at 1) - 1. Jesus Turned Water into Wine…He’s the Life of the Party (John 2:1-11). How dare you think I just said that Jesus wants us to get drunk. Our culture depicts our Lord as a dull square who doesn’t believe in fun.

Jesus' Ministry Targets (08 at 1) - 1. Palestine Population. Jesus made it clear that He came to share the gospel with the lost sheep of Israel. He knew His exact target and the goal of His ministry.

Becoming More Patient (08 at 1) - 1. Get a Clear Picture of Yourself. “The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride” (Ecclesiastes 7:8). One of the reasons we get so impatient is our pride.

When Your Teen is in the Youth Group (08 at 1) - 1. Treat Him/Her the Same as Everyone Else. When your own teen is part of the youth group it’s tempting to hold him/her to a higher standard. “Don’t embarrass me” comments come from parent and teen.

Teen Dating Relationships (08 at 1) - 1. The Standard. “3It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; 4that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, 5not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God;” (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5).

Ministering to Single Parents (08 at 1) - 1. Read the Baker Handbook of Single Parent Ministry. Bringing together the insight of twenty-eight seasoned leaders from the Network of Single Adult Leaders (NSL), this comprehensive handbook addresses the challenges faced by single parents - including the never married, the widowed, and the divorced.

P's of a Successful Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - 1. Purpose. “Whatever you do in word or deed do all to the glory of God” (Colossians 3:17). Regardless of who you are trying to reach or the format type you adopt, everything should point directly back to God.

Ten Questions (08 at 1) - 1. What is the number one priority in your life?        2. What are you working on that makes a difference?        3. How has God gifted you and how are you using those gifts?        4.

V.I.S.I.O.N. (08 at 1) - Verify the Source. Did the desire come from God or from you? Moses knew the vision was from God. Abraham knew the vision was from God. Paul knew the vision was from God.

Newsletter Tips (08 at 1) - 1. Layout. Make it clean and easy to read. That sounds simple, but most newsletters look cluttered and disorganized. If you’re using a desktop publishing program begin with one of their pre-designed templates and adapt it to your needs.                         Get copies of other youth group newsletters to see how other groups go about design.

Inner City Ministry Tips (08 at 1) - 1. Do Take a Genuine Interest in the Inner City Residents. The inner city may be considered the projects, but they don’t want to be a project. If they get the feeling that your group thinks they are poor people looking for a handout you may never be able to make a lasting impact.

Common Criticisms (08 at 1) - 1. You Only Spend Time with Your Favorites. This complaint usually comes from a parents whose child is not involved. Since there is nothing wrong with their child there is obviously something wrong with you.                         Tip: Look at a list of the teens in your group and take an honest evaluation.

Rewarding Volunteers (08 at 1) - 1. Say Thank You. Next to “I love you,” “thank you” are the most longed for words. There are many ways to say these words, but don’t forget calls and cards.

Building a Lasting Ministry (08 at 1) - 1. Trust God to Produce the Fruit. Discouragement enters when we feel the weight of every event. When we think we are the one who has to pull it off, we get overwhelmed.

Parenting Success (08 at 1) - 1. Be Prayerful. James 5:16 says, “...The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Prayer causes things to happen that will not occur if we do not ask.

Developing Positive Teens (08 at 1) - 1. Display Your Own Positive Side. The first step in helping your teen to become more positive is to take a self-evaluation. Think about recent conversations and actions. If you were your teen would you consider yourself a positive person?

Questions Parents Need to Ask Their Teens (08 at 1) - 1. “How Is Your Relationship With God?” Listen for terms of intimacy and maturity. You may discover that your teen has your faith and not a personal faith. Ask your teen to share the ways they grow closer to the Lord.

Batteries (08 at 1) - Real physical batteries. My Palm Pilot kept giving me the “replace batteries” signal. So naturally I yelled to my wife, Marla, “Baby girl, do we have any AAA batteries? I know I bought some.”   “I don’t know where they are.

Springboarding (08 at 1) - Too many teachers field responses from class and then keep moving without playing off the comment. Springboard by using the teen’s comments to jump to a new level of discussion.   Here is what typically happens: Johnny, “Well, I feel that God loves each person the same.”   Teacher, “Uh-huh, as I was saying…blah, blah, blah.”   Here’s a springboard formula:   Student comment + affirmation + restatement + new direction or follow up = springboard   Johnny, “Well, I feel that God loves each person the same.”   You, “Thanks Johnny.

First Things First (08 at 1) -     The community has been told about your church and many people are anxiously waiting the time for them to visit.  The question is what happens when someone visits your church?  How are they made to feel?  How much attention are they given?  Let me give you a few suggestions about visitors.  I hope this helps you as you reach out to your community.   Create a parking lot ministry.  Get several of your teens together and train them to meet guests in the parking lot.  Train them to speak and even shake

UUUHHHH...... (08 at 1) - “Uh,” “Um,” and other filler non-words will kill your presentations. They’re a challenge because most of the time we don’t know we are using them. BUT EVERYONE ELSE DOES!   Non-words are distracting.

Making the Most of Volunteers (08 at 1) - Recruit top notch workers.  If you are going to recruit, you might as well go for the best.  Try to find helper’s who have a passion for the ministry and are gifted in the area they want to work in.  Most helper’s won’t last very long if they are working out of their field of enjoyment. Stay in touch with God.  Matthew 19:26 tells us, “With God all things are possible.”  Ask God for divine help while searching for your volunteers.  Petition Him to lead you to the people who really

The Origin of Kumbaya (08 at 1) - Oh Lord, kumbaya. Also spelled kum ba yah, cumbayah, kumbayah, and probably a few other ways. If you look in a good songbook you'll find the word helpfully translated as "come by here," with the note that the song is "from Angola, Africa." The "come by here" part I'll buy.

The Youth Minister as a Model (08 at 1) - I remember when I was in my sixth grade Sunday school class and Mrs. Stanley was my teacher.  I was the kind of kid who was just a little on the hyper side and into every sport that came along.  During football season I was all into football.  The same held true with basketball, baseball, and ice hockey (if we had had it in the south).  Being so into sports probably caused me to get into more trouble than usual because I had to prove to my class that I

30 Ways to Thank Volunteers (08 at 1) - It is often hard to come up with ways to show appreciation to those who lay-it-on-the-line for you each week.  I hope the following helps get you started.  Be creative and add to this list and pass it on to your friends. Take one or two volunteers to lunch as often as possible.

Working with Troubled Teens (08 at 1) - Have you had problems reaching troubled teens?  Have you felt like throwing up your hands and giving up?  Have you ever really considered that you might be in the wrong ministry or that you have missed your calling?  If you have worked with teens for very ling you have probably had these thoughts.  Working with troubled teens is not something most of us do on a daily basis.  In this article I am going attempt to help you along the way with working with troubled teens. 1.  Know that they can

How to Talk About Jesus without Sounding Like a Nut (08 at 1) - A lot of people dismiss Christians as religious nuts, and for good reason -some of us are. A "nut" is someone who will argue with you about a subject in which you have no interest in a language you can't understand.

I Can Minister to Youth, If ……. (08 at 1) - We can have ambitious plans for our own youth ministries in the church, but are impotent without this activating principle:  “Nothing can happen through me that hasn’t happened to me.”   That insight effectively paraphrases a passage from Paul’s description of his own ministry in the first few chapters of II Corinthians:   “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ….who comforts is in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”  II Corinthians 1:3-5, NIV.   Reflect introspectively

Parent Evaluation of Our Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - It is my goal to improve every area of the Youth Ministry at this church during 2004.  Your filling out this form will be of great benefit in reaching this goal.   Instructions:  Each parent please fill out a form.  Do not look at anyone else’s evaluation—not even your spouse’s.  Return your form to me as soon as possible.  Above all, please be honest.  Feel free to write on the back if necessary.   1.  Are you a father or mother?  _____ Father   _____ Mother.   2.  How long have you attended this church?  _____ Less

The Youth Leaders’ Most Dangerous Situation (08 at 1) - Media attention has brought the issue of safety in youth-adult relationships to the forefront. As adults who work with youth, we need to heed the warnings. Discipleship of the opposite sex is especially difficult, because trust, intimacy, honesty, openness, and vulnerability are completely necessary for real discipleship.

Should Youth Ministers Be Paid? (08 at 1) - Some church members see youth ministry as glorified babysitting. Others, parents especially, see youth ministry as a critical asset to the spiritual growth and development of their children. Here’s what the Bible says about paid ministry… 3This is my defense to those who sit in judgment on me.

How to Get Youth Speaking Engagements: Step 1 Attitude (08 at 1) - Eighteen years ago I desperately wanted to be a speaker for youth rallys and conventions. Like many “wanna be” speakers I dreamed of the day I would take the stage and get paid for my words.   Guess how many speaking gigs I got…   Zero.   Even though I was teaching classes at events, and people knew I wanted to speak I didn’t get the chance.   Looking back it was a good thing.

They Just Don’t Care! (08 at 1) - Are you in a situation where it seems like you are the only one that really cares what happens in your youth ministry?  Do you feel like you are out on a limb by yourself and the limb is about to break?  Do you get the idea that the most adults in your church are truly apathetic?  I’m sure that if you have been in youth ministry over twenty-four hours that you have had those feelings.  What can be done?  Let’s look at a few ways:   Most people do not get

Trying to Please Everyone (08 at 1) - Okay, the truth is you can't please everyone and God doesn't expect you to do that! If you've been in ministry for even just a few months, you've probably realized that there are some people you can't please.

How to Get Youth Speaking Engagements: Step 2 Experience (08 at 1) - The average first move is wrong…     Most people who want to speak start dreaming of the big time. They spend their time thinking about the mega-events they attend and wonder how they can get invited.

Staying Focused Through the Summer (08 at 1) -     One of the hardest things for a youth minister to do is to stay focused through the summer.  You have lived by a certain routine for eight or nine months and now all is about to change.  Let’s look at a few ways that might help you stay focused on your ministry and your individual spiritual life.   Stay in God’s Word.  I’m not talking about only studying for your next Sunday School lesson or devotional.  I am talking about your individual study for your own spiritual growth.  It is just as

Starting Over in Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - I have often been asked, “If you could start over in youth ministry what would you do differently?”  That is a very interesting question and one that I have thought about a lot.  I have often thought of the mistakes I’ve made and wished I could go back and try again.  Let me share with you three things that I would do differently:   I would change my “internal” job description.  It was my belief that the larger the event the larger the ministry.  If we could have two major events a

Top Five Relationship Lies (08 at 1) - Lie #1:  I Must Be In A Romantic Relationship!
TRUTH: Romantic Relationships Are Not Essential For Living!   Solomon had 3,000 wives and still was not happy! Relationships can be a blessing or a spiritual downfall!

The King of Delegation (08 at 1) - I really don’t think it’s true but my co-workers call me the “king of delegation.”  Maybe I am, I don’t really know.  What I do know is that many, many years ago I realized that there are people who can do a better job than I can in most areas.  When it comes to designing a classroom, I need help.  When it comes to planning a banquet, I need help.  When it comes to being an effective youth minister, I need plenty of help.  Let me share with you a

How to Love a Teen You Really Don’t Like (08 at 1) -     Most of the time when someone calls me or comes into my office for counseling it is because of a relationship gone bad.  Most often it is a marital relationship and one partner is trying to make it work and the other is not working on the problem at all.  However, I’m afraid that many of us in youth ministry have teens that we are not really fond of and we are really not working to make it better.  Maybe the teen has done you wrong or maybe there is

Audience or Actor (08 at 1) - “Here’s the punch line,” I whisper to my wife. “Jesus would make more, dad!” I say at the precise moment the speaker yells it from the stage. The crowd of 13- to 18-year-olds roars in laughter.

What is the Mission of Your Group? (08 at 1) - Through the years I have heard many responses to the above question.  Many have said that I want to disciple my group so they can go out into the world and save many.  Many have said that we want to keep our teens off the streets so we will come up with ways to entertain them.  Also, many have said that the best mission for our group is foreign mission.  These answers may be what is good for a few groups but let’s look at what another youth group is

Do You Understand Your Teens? (08 at 1) - If you have been in youth ministry for over twenty minutes you have probably tried to figure out where some of your teens are coming from.  You might have said after the first twenty minutes and meeting with a few of your teens, “I have really messed up; I’m in the wrong ministry.”  Do not fear, you are not alone in those feelings.  Understanding teens is often difficult.  I might do you well to sit down and try to analyze your teens to help you better understand them.   1.  Teens have

Never Alone (08 at 1) - Youth Ministry provides tremendous possibilities for the development of important, life-changing relationships between youth and adults. There are many challenges in building those relationships effectively and safely. This statement from Safe Sanctuaries for Youth: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in Youth Ministries underlines the issue:   Churches routinely provide opportunities for close contact and close personal relationships with youth.

The Strong Little Church (08 at 1) - Editor's note: Church expert Lyle Schaller predicted in the 1990s that churches would get larger or smaller, but that the numbers of middle-size churches would begin to decrease. Boomers, seeking excellence, encouraged their congregations to grow larger.

The simple way to turn 30 disciples into 100,000 (08 at 1) -
The revolution started with 30 doubting farmers. It was long after dark. Weary from working all day in the fields, they sat in the church -- the smallest of only three churches in a county of nearly 700,000 people -- and listened to "John," a visiting missionary.

Surprise! (08 at 1) - In your meeting area, "hide" three $1 bills in plain sight. When kids arrive, tell them to look for the money. Whoever finds it gets to keep it. Afterward, ask: How was this experience similar to times God has given his grace to you?

Seven Elements of Jesus' Teaching (08 at 1) - Jesus didn’t have promo ads, email, an interactive website, television or fancy flyers. He had word of mouth. People telling other people, “Hey, Jesus is  teaching over on the mountain today!”   There were hundreds of teachers in Jerusalem alone.

A Jesus Style Youth Ministry (08 at 1) - In His example of leadership, Jesus did not turn the accepted flow of authority upside down—He completely destroyed it.  Mutual submission is now the order of the day.  So we must not, in reaction to our perceived status, become demanding and defensive ourselves.  It may be unjust for a senior minister or a board to view us merely as a means to the end of “having something going for our youth.”  But the solution is not for us to view the senior minister as merely a means to the end

Building a Successful Leadership Team (08 at 1) - Many youth ministers have learned over the years that their youth ministry is larger than they are.  They also have learned that their youth ministry is not as successful if they try the “Lone Ranger” approach.  So, what’s the answer to helping their youth ministry become more successful?  I believe that building a leadership team is a step in the right direction.   There are many ways to build a Leadership Team but the number one thing you are looking for is commitment.  You need to find leaders who are trying with

Twenty-Five Time Management Tips (08 at 1) - I believe the key to effective time management is having a PLAN. Once you have done that, communicate your plans to others involved in your life (those nearest and dearest to you), or those people working with you in business.


Ask yourself why the failure occurred (08 at 1) - "Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways."
(Prov. 20:30, GN) No one's life is an unbroken chain of victories. We all experience setbacks, defeats, losses and failures.

Life-Liberty-Happiness (08 at 1) - LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS  Dr. John C. Munday Jr.     May 11, 1984 Alexandria, Virginia
     edited March 17, 2002  Copyright © 2002 All Rights Reserved  SUMMARY    Our nation’s forefathers declared that the government of the United States of America was instituted to secure certain unalienable rights bestowed on us by our Creator.  At the present juncture, these rights are under widespread and unrelenting attack as a consequence of the denial of God throughout society and the abandonment of public life by most Christians.  To restore the fullest expression of these rights in society and in

Jesus Style Leadership (08 at 1) -     “What does it take to make a good youth minister?”  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  If you have, did you start second-guessing yourself after you came up with the answer?  Yogi Berra was asked on one occasion, “What does it take to make a great baseball manager?”  Without any hesitation at all Berra stated, “It takes great baseball players.”  That’s an easy answer for managers who have a roster covered with quality or a church that has their auditoriums filled with committed and dedicated Christians.  Jesus didn’t have

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