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You are currently browsing the Teaching Tips sub-category of the Youth Leader category of our Articles.

Teaching Tips (08 at 7) - Just have fun

Teaching Tip (05 at 6) - Be Willing to Learn

Teaching Tips (04 at 7) - Go Outside

Teaching Tips (03 at 6) - Help! I Want to Teach

Teaching Tip (02 at 11) - Don't be afraid to take a side road.

Teaching Tips (12 at 3) - Be Wise in Teaching Difficult Subjects

Teaching Tips (11 at 6) - Try New Things

Teaching Tips (10 at 8) - Free Time Could Be Dangerous

Teaching Tips (09 at 6) - Teach With Skits

Teaching Tips (09 at 6) - Remember Who You Are

Teaching Tips (08 at 7) - Timing Is Key

Teaching (07 at 9) - Mentoring

Teaching Tips (06 at 5) - Passion

Teaching Tips (05 at 6) - Flexibility

Teaching Tips (04 at 5) - Staying on Top

Teaching Tips (03 at 4) - Knowing the Difference

Teaching Tips (02 at 4) - Caring is a top priority.

Teaching Tips (01 at 6) - Good teaching requires a good technique

Teaching Tips (12 at 8) - Be an active listener.

Teaching Tip (11 at 5) - Look for ways and times to show appreciation to your students.

Teaching Tips (10 at 6) - A great way to get your students involved in the lesson.

Teaching Tips (09 at 6) - Nothing will get your class in shut-down mode like cutting them down or making fun of one of their answers.

Teaching Tips (08 at 7) - Contacting every student every week is vital to your ministry.

Teaching Tips (07 at 3) - Often the least said is the best said.

Teaching Tips (06 at 5) - It's the first minute that counts

Teaching Tips (05 at 6) - A really good teacher should be a really good Christian.

Teaching Tips (04 at 7) - Don't worry about the small things.

Teaching Tips (03 at 7) - Using memory devices is a great way to help your group recall what you have taught.

Teaching Tip (01 at 3) - One of the greatest parts of working with teens is teaching them about God and His love for us.

Teaching Tips (12 at 8) - Take a deep breath and lighten up a little.

Teaching Tips (10 at 7) - He did not use his Bible and not one person in the class had one.

Expect More from Your Student Than He/She Expects From Themselves (09 at 6) - Raise the bar and see what happens.

Teaching Tips (08 at 8) - We are always looking for teaching tips, what about student tips?

Pre-Teen Bible University University (07 at 7) - Drop down a few grades and get them started early.

Teaching Tips (06 at 7) - While teaching teens there are things we should do and things we should not do.

Teaching Tips (05 at 7) - Teaching tips for volunteers

Know Your Students Well (03 at 8) - Knowing your students will be a pretty hard task since you only see them about an hour a week.

Teaching Tips (02 at 9) - Share your lessons-Keep a spare.

Teaching Tip (01 at 9) - Preparing your class in advance might be more beneficial than you think.

Teaching Tip (12 at 12) - It is very important that our student's see us living our spiritual lives and not talking about how we live our spiritual lives.

Teaching Tip (11 at 9) - It takes a special person to be a teacher. See how you're doing.

They Learn Best by Doing (10 at 9) - Standing before a class and teaching is great but allowing them to apply what has been taught is huge.

Sunday School Friend Day (09 at 8) - Do not overlook the small things.

Role Playing As A Teaching Method (07 at 5) - The goal of role playing is to use creative means to bring a lesson to life.

Teaching Soul-Winning (06 at 8) - Teaching soul-winning is taking it to another level.

Impromptu Lessons Can Be Great (03 at 9) - You might want to punt and let the Spirit lead you.

Five Tips for Classroom Discipline (01 at 9) - These five tips will help you do a better job of teaching and mainting discipline in the classroom.

Teaching Tip (01 at 9) - Because all students are different it means that you have to handle them differently. You need to find ways to make them excel and realize they have different ways to be challenged.

Great Teaching is Entertaining and Humorous (12 at 7) - Great Teaching is Entertaining and Humorous Richard Leblanc says good teaching includes a definite style. Should good teaching be entertaining? You bet! Jesus was somewhat entertaining when He turned fish and loaves into more fish and loaves.

Meet Their Needs Outside of Class (11 at 9) - Occasionally Ive been asked to teach and accepted without really wanting to. There have also been times when Ive asked others to teach and they did so reluctantly.

Teaching Tip (10 at 8) - See what Psychologist Sylvia Clare has to say. Hug those who want to be hugged.

Teaching Tip (09 at 8) - Encourage your students to......

Teaching Tip (08 at 8) - Can you imagine how much you can get done in two hours?

Teaching Tip (07 at 5) - Choose your subjects by what your teens need to hear not by what they want to hear.

Teaching Tip (06 at 7) - Teaching is about what students do with what you taught.

Be On Time (05 at 4) - Many teens will not admit it but they love the security of having an adult around. Some students come and are not part of the crowd so they are left sitting alone and maybe even discouraged

Teaching Tip (04 at 5) - Your students badly need to know that you care about them.

Discipline is Key to Successful Teaching (03 at 7) - Preparation could be what you study but discipline is how much time and how often you study.

Never Teach a Half-prepared Lesson (02 at 7) - Never forget--teaching is great!

Teaching Tip #1 (01 at 7) - The Mossy Oak Company says, "It's not a passion, it's an obsession." The same is true while teaching teens.



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