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You are currently browsing the Twilight Zone sub-category of the Youth Leader category of our Articles.

Twilight Zone (05 at 6) - Humility Pays Great Dividends

Twilight Zone (03 at 5) - Use Your Knee Mail

Twilight Zone (02 at 7) - Be a Goal Setter

Twilight Zone (01 at 6) - Beware of Sexual Temptations

Twilight Zone (12 at 8) - Develop Parents as Counselors

Twilight Zone (11 at 4) - Believe in Yourself and Your Ministry

Twilight Zone (10 at 5) - Insist on a job description for long haul youth ministry.

Twilight Zone (09 at 7) - Insist On A Job Description

Twilight Zone (08 at 5) - Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Twilight Zone (07 at 6) - Meet your teens basic needs.

Twilight Zone (05 at 6) - Stay In Touch with the Youth Culture

Twilight Zone (04 at 5) - Form a Youth Minister Support Group

Twilight Zone (03 at 5) - Maintain Your Commitment

Twilight Zone (02 at 6) - Let Your Teens Know What is Expected of Them.

Twilight Zone (01 at 3) - Have you ever thought of what your teens and their parents really expect of you?

Twilight Zone (12 at 6) - Some have seen many church leaders come and go.

Twilight Zone (11 at 7) - I have often thought about giving up youth ministry.

Twilight Zone (10 at 10) - As Christian youth ministers we should strive to do our best whether we are in for the short or long haul.

Twilight Zone (09 at 7) - Research shows that your attitude about life can improve your health and even speed your recovery from serious injury or surgery.

Twilight Zone (08 at 6) - Just because we are Christians and ministers does not mean that we will float through life without a few personal crises.

Twilight Zone (07 at 7) - Our major focus in youth ministry is to help our teens get to heaven.

Twilight Zone (06 at 8) - Develop Student Leaders On numerous occasions I have sat with youth ministers who are threatening to leave their ministries. Their frustration levels were higher than they had ever been, and they could see no relief in sight.

Twilight Zone (06 at 7) - On numerous occasions I have talked with youth ministers who have threatened to leave their ministries.

Twilight Zone (05 at 7) - Being a student of God's Word is vital to long-haul youth ministry.

Twilight Zone (04 at 7) - There is but one way to be successful in youth ministry for a long time and that is to strive everyday to live a Christ-like lifestyle.

Twilight Zone (03 at 9) - Day after day each one of them wondered if he would live to see another day so he could do the same thing over again tomorrow.

Twilight Zone (02 at 8) - Long haul youth ministry brings an abundance of blessings.

Twilight Zone (01 at 7) - Using good judgment is vital in any occupation, especially in youth ministry.

Twilight Zone (12 at 8) - If you want to be in youth ministry for the long haul you will need to preserve your integrity.

Send Brag Notes (10 at 7) - I have never known a parent who does not want to hear good things about their teen.

Promote Staff Unity (09 at 5) - How many times have you seen a minister or ministry destroyed because the staff members could not get along?

Twilight Zone (08 at 5) - We are really blessed to be able to minister to teens. Thank God for gifting us with the ability to serve.

Create an Advisory Board (07 at 8) - You will not be very effective or last very long if you use the Lone Ranger plan for youth ministry.

Long Haul Youth Ministry (06 at 9) - Be careful of using youth ministry for a stepping stone to the pulpit.

Publish a Family Newsletter (05 at 7) - One of the best tools for communications is a family newsletter.

Make Ministry Adjustments (03 at 6) - From the time I was in my twenties until now in my fifties, I have made many major adjustments in my youth ministry.

Take Time to Reminisce (12 at 8) - Take time to look back over your ministry and see what a difference you have made.

Bury Not Your Talent(s) (11 at 4) -   Some have the gift of public speaking while others may have the gift of speaking one-on-one more effectively. There are those who have the gift of singing while still others have the gift of teaching classes.

Twilight Zone (10 at 2) - Just about every time I consider hanging up the cleats I think of a teen who came through our ministry.

Do Not Try To Be A Super Person (09 at 8) - If you want to stay in youth ministry for the long haul and maintain a portion of your sanity, you will really want to involve volunteers from your church family.

Imitate Jesus (08 at 8) - There is but one way to be successful in youth ministry for a long time and that is to strive everyday to live a Christ-like lifestyle.

Stay Spiritually Healthy (07 at 8) - One of the hardest things to do as a youth minister is to stay spiritually strong while you are training your teens to do the same.

Get a Handle on Stress (06 at 8) - Youth ministry is a very stressful ministry so it would be wise to get a handle on your ministry stressors as soon as possible.

Maintain a Spirit of Cooperation (05 at 7) - There is nothing like the spirit of cooperation to prove to your fellow staff members, church leaders, and church family that you are for the team and not for your individual ministry.

Work Hard On Patience (04 at 5) - It seems like the older I get the more patient I become and, in my situation I can understand why. My children are now grown and married. I no longer have to leave my wife at home with two small children to go on a weeklong mission trip or, as on two occasions three week long mission trips.  I no longer have the pressure of being under the same roof as my teens, so I am not responsible for what time they come in at night or who they have

Recharge Your Youth Ministry Battery (03 at 5) - Have you ever walked out to your vehicle after a good night of sleep ready to face the world? You get in the car, put in the key, and nothing happens.

Stay Physically Healthy (01 at 9) - Long haul youth ministry certainly calls for keeping ourselves physically fit. Those fun loving lock-ins seem to get longer every year and getting started with a physical fitness program the harder it is.

Use Parents as Ministry Partners (12 at 9) - If you really want to stay in youth ministry for the "long haul" I can't think of a better place to start than gaining the confidence and respect of the parents of our teens.

Don’t Get Involved In Gossip (07 at 8) - A good way to lose your credibility and possibly your job is to get involved in the gossip circle. I have seen youth minister after youth minister get into trouble with staff members and church leaders because of saying things that were not necessary.

Learn How to Accept Criticism (06 at 6) - In youth ministry, as in most other professions, we are subject to criticism; some may be justified and some not.

Conduct Parenting Classes (05 at 12) - If you want to stay in youth ministry for the long haul, it will help to show interest in the parents of your teens.

Become Involved In Another Ministry (04 at 5) - There are several advantages to becoming involved in another ministry at your church. First, it may help us prevent burnout in our youth ministry.

Watch Your Teens Grow In The Lord (02 at 5) - Just about every time I think about “hanging up the cleats” one of my teens of the past comes to mind. Right now I am thinking of a young man who dealt me all kinds of problems. He was involved in everything but the Lord.

Know Your Purpose (01 at 7) - One of the first areas of ministry that needs to be covered is to discover your purpose in ministering to teens. It may be good to start discovering your purpose by writing down a few of your basic beliefs.

The Graying of the American Youth Worker (01 at 7) - Reward: Lost dog. Three legs, blind in left eye, right ear missing, tail broken, recently neutered. Answers to the name of Lucky. Newspaper classified ad. Ever felt like “Lucky”?

Re-evaluate Yourself and Your Ministry (01 at 7) - The longer you stay in youth ministry the more you need to re-evaluate yourself and your ministry.



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