5 Ways to Involve Parents

Small Group Bible Study Leaders

Some of the most powerful classes and lessons learned come from a small group atmosphere. Use parents to lead these groups. You will be amazed at how much the parents grow as well as the teens.

Phone Tree Coordinators

When you need to get the word out in a hurry (everybody’s not on facebook) why not ask parents to coordinate the effort?

Adoption Coordinators

There always seems to be a teen or two who doesn’t have parents that attend your church. Ask a parent to adopt the teen. No, they will not take the place of their parents they will simply be their encouragers. Ask them to send notes, make calls or anything that would make them feel wanted and needed.

“Happy Birthday” Coordinators

Ask a parent to be in charge of keeping up with everyone’s birthday. If you they want to go the second mile, they will have a time of celebration.

Life Coaches

There are numerous times when teens just need to know about life. How valuable would it be to have parents available to help teens through some of their tough times? Teens may not want to share with you as their youth minister or their parents.

5 Prime Time Youth Events

Thank you so much for sending in your Prime Time ideas. We will send them out in groups of five so your brain won’t be fried with ideas.

5 Prime Time Youth Events

1. I teach Wednesday night once a month and it is always the same, but different: a bible based talk on a specific topic with discussion and a challenge for the month then a fun activity usually a contest of some sort with a little candy for everyone after a circle prayer. Most of all they know I will always tell them the ONLY thing that matters is getting to heaven. They love it! Norma

2. We are about to finish up an awesome 13 week study of Waffles & Spaghetti!
Jay Howard – Associate Pastor to Student Ministries

3. Hi – Wednesday night is our “prime time” meeting.
This year’s focus is going to be Seek first the Kingdom of God & His
Righteousness. We are starting off with – “You will seek out the God that
you know”. An idea is to help them identify how they perceive God (good or
bad) and then align their thinking to the scriptures. Our kickoff event is
this weekend where we do an intensified study of each element of Mt. 6:33.
One of the things we are doing is Fifty Days of Firsts. In this we are
doing a daily challenge where kids will get an email, text or facebook
question to answer based on the Bible. The challenge is to have your Bible
ready at all times to be the first to answer. We will give a prize to the
one with most “Firsts” but each first will be individually rewarded as
well. Eileen

4. Tonight is our Big Boy Bible Study :) called Bible Institute. Only those
who are committed to study can come, you must bring your bible and you must
be eager. I have a great group of students that come and have a blast
studying together, then walk down to my house and hang together for a few
hours afterwards. We have a 4 year rotation 1) New in Review (a look at the
new testament through the eyes of the book of Acts) 2) O.T in the O.T (over
time in the New testament) 3) Nuggets of Truth (theology and ethics) 4)
Random and everything :)
Good times in the trenches, Mat

5. Wednesday night is our biggest weekly meeting & seems to have the most
potential to reach new students (friends who come with our students). I
have struggled with Wednesday night for a while because I knew we needed to
split up our Jr. High & Sr. High to be more effective. The problem was we
didn’t think a separate meeting time would work and we don’t have the
available adult leaders to make this work well. Our pastor was strong on me
being the primary teacher. Honestly, there didn’t look like many options so
we tried something new.

We re-tooled our format in August with the beginning of the new school year
for our Wednesday night meeting. The result has been a big positive. Our
meeting is called TheMix- and it is a mix (almost chaotic) designed to help
point students to a particular topic or scripture passage to help young
Christ-followers mature in their faith.

>6:15-6:45 I teach Jr. High (7th-8th) students in youth room. This is the
core “master teacher” message type of deal. At this time slot the Sr. High
Students (9th-12th) retreat to the classrooms on a different floor for a
learning activity centered around getting them talking/doing something with
our main point of the night. An adult volunteer facilitates this but does
not really have to prepare ahead of time (but I do).

>6:45-7:15 we switch. I teach the same lesson (maybe more age appropriate
at times) to Sr. High student while the Jr. High students retreat to the
learning activity on the 2nd floor.

>7:15-7:45 everyone meets up together in the youth room for the big worship
time together. This usually includes music and an invitation or challenge
to put what they’ve learned in action.

Students don’t mind the chaos at all. Not even the visiting students are
phased by it. Over the past few months I’ve really seen more students take
the lead in facilitating the activity time so the adult “leader” doesn’t
really have to do much other than the occasional “hey guys, not so loud”
warning. Students are more eager to bring friends. We certainly have much
room for improvement but this format has worked for us. Ed