Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

As youth ministers we wear many hats and we are expected to become many things.

One thing that we really need to be aware of is that we cannot get on the level as our teens.

I’m not saying that you can’t have fun or hang out with them because you should.

I’m not saying that you can’t get out and play football with a group of students because you can.

I am simply saying that when it gets down to making tough decisions it would not be in yours or their best interest for you to try to be their best friend.

You might need to look at yourself as a school teacher or a school principal. You can get along with the students but there will come a time when things need to be said or actions taken care of that would not happen among best friends.

Remember, you are a minister to lead your students into a better relationship with Jesus and to prevent them from doing anything which might separate them from Him.

Your Partners in Youth Ministry,
Paul & Al

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Prayer Night

Prayer Request Night

All teens and their friends need prayers.

We as youth ministers and our adult sponsors need prayers.

So set a date and time. About a month before, let your group know what is being planned. Ask them to bring their friends and prayer request to a session that will be totally consumed by prayer.

There will be no bells and whistles (refreshments, etc.). The entire event will be centered on handing things over to God and watching Him work.

Ask someone to keep a prayer journal so you can look back at a later date and see what God did.

We often ask God to answer our prayers, He does, and we forget about it. A prayer journal will let us know exactly what we prayed for and the end results.

Teen life members you may want to do a lesson series into your prayer night. Here are 8 Lessons on Powerful Prayer. Includes PowerPoint, outline, class handout and small group discussion guide.

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Your Partners in Youth Ministry,
Paul & Al

Student Affirmation

Teen Life Ministries
Student Affirmation
Student affirmation could be one of the most
exciting things that you do.
It allows you an opportunity to say great things
about the teens in your group. It requires you
to sit back and think of good things to say about
each one.
You simply have to spend time looking for the
good in others, even those who are on the fringe
and hardly take part in anything.
You may have to call parents or teachers to find
out good things about some of your students.
I do know that it is awesome to see a face light
up when a student hears good things being said
about them. Most teens are not aware that you
see the good in them. Your relationship with your
teens will be strengthened after a time of affirmation.
Your Partners in Youth Ministry!
Paul & Al
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