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MADMAN! Anger Management for Teens

Last night at small group one of our teens asked for prayer…

“I had someone egg my car. Since my windows were down it got all
over the seats and it stinks. I’m furious. I need you to pray
because I am afraid of what I will do when I find out who did it.”

Do you have some teens in your group like that?

This series is going to help!

Lesson 1: Understanding Anger

Lesson 2: The Anger Antidote

Lesson 3: Moving Past Anger

As always, each lesson comes with…

Lesson outline
Class Handout
Small Group Discussion Guide
PowerPoint Screens

Every lesson teaches scripture.

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1 Sam 2: 11 Then Elkanah went home to Ramah,
but the boy ministered before the Lord under Eli
the priest.

Samuel was dedicated and followed God from a
very young age.

You probably have some young standouts in
your group.

Spend some time in prayer today asking
the Lord to raise up Samuels in your

Your Partners in Youth Ministry,
Paul & Al

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