5 Ways to Involve Parents

Small Group Bible Study Leaders

Some of the most powerful classes and lessons learned come from a small group atmosphere. Use parents to lead these groups. You will be amazed at how much the parents grow as well as the teens.

Phone Tree Coordinators

When you need to get the word out in a hurry (everybody’s not on facebook) why not ask parents to coordinate the effort?

Adoption Coordinators

There always seems to be a teen or two who doesn’t have parents that attend your church. Ask a parent to adopt the teen. No, they will not take the place of their parents they will simply be their encouragers. Ask them to send notes, make calls or anything that would make them feel wanted and needed.

“Happy Birthday” Coordinators

Ask a parent to be in charge of keeping up with everyone’s birthday. If you they want to go the second mile, they will have a time of celebration.

Life Coaches

There are numerous times when teens just need to know about life. How valuable would it be to have parents available to help teens through some of their tough times? Teens may not want to share with you as their youth minister or their parents.

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