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I use the Zone for many different games, ideas, and devotions and studies. It has been a huge help to me as the youth director.

I just signed up but we have loved the Godly Goals lessons and our youth have really had some great discussion about wisdom!

There are great transferable lessons for my leaders to utilize and for me too.

I loved the 1 John lessons and now I am using them in a young families class. Keep up the good work guys and blessings to all of you. Love the Website.

I use the lessons in the zone as a guideline of what to teach and I make my own lesson out of it. Right now I am still in school, teaching school and coaching sports teams and do not have time to come up with two brand new ideas every week. This site has enabled me to give something fresh to the teens every week. It has been a huge blessing and we have seen many saved and come faithfully to church.

I found that I really needed to spend more time developing relationships with my teens, but I am very concerned about what I am teaching them. Because of this I was spending more of my time developing lessons then developing relationships. When encouraged by my pastor to spend more time developing relationships I wanted to find material that I would feel comfortable teaching and less time on developing. I found the Zone and it has been exactly what I needed. Now I have time to develop relationships and still have the confidence that I am going to be teaching a good lesson.

I haven’t a lot of experience and not a lot of time to prepare lessons, this helps me out soo much as I can concentrate more on presenting it in an engaging way. – Emily from Ignition Youth @ Power of God Church, Melbourne Australia.

It’s nice to have such a wide variety of resources readily available. Chris Knipp-Student Pastor, Oak Ridge Tn

Being new to this site. our group of young people seem to be more involved since using the materials from the zone. thank you from the passion youth northside family worship center

The Zone has really helped me in preparing for Sunday Morning and youth night lesson. I stay pretty busy and can’t seem to get the time to prepare a lesson like I’d like for myself, and I don’t know what I’d do without your site. You are a life saver

Lot’s of good information to digest for pointers. Dave

The Zone gave Sunday mornings a great start to the youth week

I am just starting with the zone so haven’t had much experience with it…but I’m very excited at what it has to offer.

Great and useful resources. Ch’ng /Agape Youth

Since joining….teen life has added such a dimension to my preparation for Sunday school as well as our formal youth service! you guys really provide excellent material and insight that is very easily added to, which allows me to personalize every lesson or message……..thank you and god bless. Pastor Brian

I am just getting started w/the zone but every thing I can get my hands on helps…keep up the good work! Elisha Barnett

I really appreciate the lessons and the helps. It encourages me and keeps me thinking in the “present tense” with my youth. I am praying for your ministry. Bill Moore

At this point we are just starting and The Zone is giving us a starting point as to what to say and how to say it in a language that teens will and can listen and understand

The Zone has been a great transitional tool for me as a youth pastor. Previously, we were using the Word of Life Curriculum and spending 10X as much as we do now. That is a fantastic curriculum, but we are getting a lot more use out of the zone for far less money. The power points and games have been a big hit with our group and a time-saver for me. (I am a volunteer and home school 3 children.) I can plan out my lessons and spend far less time having to prepare and put more time to actually studying the lesson. The kids have also connected with several of your lessons…the one about Joseph, Tough Love, Prayer. I also love the Monday Maximizer and feel blessed that you work so hard to keep the youth workers uplifted.

I am still pretty new to the Zone, but there seems to be a variety of different helps for ministry. I also really like the idea of Youth Print though I haven’t utilized it yet. Still working my way around the site and getting familiar with all you have to offer. Cliff Reynolds, Crossroad Baptist Church

I’ve found some great lessons. I’m really impressed with the quality of stuff offered in The Zone! (Paul O’Rear, College Street Church of Christ, Waxahachie, Texas)

The lessons are great and now that they are in word you can easily edit them to fit your groups personality. The best thing is that the lessons are in-depth enough for adults yet they can be adjusted for first graders. Thanks!!!, Bro. Andy, Halltown Church

The Zone has helped me to present Bible lessons in a way that fresh and interesting to the teen without taking away any of the biblical context. Shirley J. Chicago, Teen Cafe

As I said I am just getting started, I usually teach adults so this is new and exciting. I can see this site helping me a lot. Thanks

The Zone gives me great ideas to work on and tailor for my groups specific needs!

Since I have been coming into this program It has help me communicate with my youth better and come up with ideas for a week end retreat. Debbie

I am a bivocational YP who sees about 75-85 teens a week. This site has allowed me to focus on Ministering to them and not always writing my own material. Thanks!

The Zone has helped me in preparation. It has cut my preparation time by 75%. I work full time and go to school part time and have 2 elementary age children at home. This leaves little time for preparation and the zone has helped me greatly. MJS

The lessons that are developed are the primary tools I use and they are great. Also, the video tutorials have really helped as well.

I have downloaded several presentations, adapted them for the teens at my church for weekly bible study. The kids just love the visual lessons! As a youth/pastoral care minister with a very tight schedule, the Zone has been well worth the yearly fee. Please keep up the good work!

Paul Evans and Al Millergren are youth ministry veterans with over 50 years of youth ministry experience.

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