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Another word for World View is our core. We may say it’s our heart.
We literally live from the inside out. Whatever is in our heart,
determines our values, which determines how we live visibly.

Change our heart and the way we live changes as well.

The ultimate goal of youth ministry is to change the world view,
the hearts of teens. Right now, for most in our groups, the world
view is self. At the core of individual lives is Susan, Jeff, Bill,

Sure there is a segment, a piece for Christ, but not an
overwhelming presence. Certainly not absolute rule.

How do we know? Trace the reason for any action taken. Look at the
motive behind each decision that is made. WHY did a teen do “x” or

This is the simple test. What is the reason or motive: Christ or

I know, it sounds like an impossible measurement. An almost unfair
question. BUT Jesus said…

“My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his
work” John 4:34.

“I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do
only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father
does the Son also does” John 5:19.

Jesus’ motive and reason for everything was the Father. What will
happen to us and our group when THAT becomes OUR world view? When
that becomes our core? When that becomes our heart?

So how do we change our heart and the hearts of teens?

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Al and Paul

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6 thoughts on “Youth Ministry: World View

  1. So how do we change our heart and the hearts of teens? First remember that the evil one is always trying to deceive us in our thinking, in our speach, and in our perception of what we see.
    God said “If you love me, keep my commandments”. That seems like it’s so easy to keep 10 rules, but it’s not. When you concentrate on the depth of the meaning behind each individual commandment, you will find out that it is very hard to keep His commandments in their full definition as God explained them. It is much harder for teens, who are new adults but still under the pressures of the times or(world), their environment (friends and family), and their classmates who may or may not be Christians.
    I think one answer is if a teen is having a crisis, they will remember what we did in our crisis. If we present an example that is Christ like, it will change their heart, but also we will notice a change in ours too. And the best way for hearts to change is through example, like Jesus taught the deciples through example. Learning about, and keeping The Ten Commandments are good way to learn of love and obedience, 2 of the best heart changing examples we can benefit from today.

  2. What an awesome and challenging question!!! I’m still trying to discover the answer through trial and error and study and prayer, but I think it’s a combination o fthings: our witness, how we show youth the love of Christ, the bridges we build to their homes . . . And let’s face it, sometimes it won’t even click for them until a few years fter they graduate from youth ministry. One plants, one waters but God provides the harvest. God bless you all in all you do for the Kingdom!

  3. First…ourselve.
    The truth is that there’s nothing we can do to change our hearts…only God can do that. So, our job is to submit to Him, ask Him to help us, and do our parts ‘by living according to His word’.
    Then, the teens…to help the, we ought to start from ‘being examples of the believers’. Then we intercede for them in prayers, and then teach them the word of God…and dont forgetting establishing a good relationship with them.

  4. We, on our own, cannot change our hearts except through the work of the Father, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We need to seek His will, study His Word and pray, allowing Him to work on us and through us. Through our devotion to Christ, and our authenticity (walking the walk) we set an example for the youth. Our hearts will change when we live to please God rather than ourselves. We will want what He wants.

  5. This truly is a challenging question. I like what psalm 51.10 says …Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. I believe if we as leaders continue to seek God’s cleanising of our hearts and the renewal of the Spirit in us, it will start to show in our actions, in our words, in our lifestyle, then this will be seen by our youth. Maojority of young people today are attracted to what they see, hear and read from the internet, i-phone, i-pod and MP4 rather than from a person and a book.

  6. First we change our ways and reason and fellow the step of our Lord Jesus Christ that fellow the step of his Father in heaven. and forget about self but the will of Jesus is to do the will of His Father. So let all youth group fellow the step of Jesus Christ. start from your Heart and pray that Holy Spirit comes upon you.