Teen Life Ministries began in 1995, but the story starts long before that.

In 1980, Paul Evans entered a new church with his mom. He was twelve and the church had something called a “youth ministry.” Al Millergren was the “youth director” and helped shape the ADD kid into a big time believer.

Through the years, the friendship grew and even after graduating from the youth group they remained close. Paul went into youth ministry full time because of the influence of Al and in 1994 they began serving at the same church. Al served as the family minister and Paul as the youth minister. That same year they began thinking of ways to get their group into the Word more. They wanted teens to grow in Christ. They also wanted youth leaders to have a place to be strengthened and renewed.

Teen Life Ministries began with several small resources. The infamous “slide-rule” which was a throwback to a 1950’s learning tool. Then they published a series of books on youth ministry and parenting. Finally, they caught up with the rest of the world and when digital through the internet! 🙂

Paul and Al will be the first to admit they are a little “old-school.” They focus on God’s word and believe in teaching it. If you’re looking for a game that will somehow teach teens the Word without opening the Bible, then you can go to plenty of sites online to find that. However, if you want to get teens into God’s Word for themselves, then you;re at the right place.

From there, Paul and Al began expanding the resource line until April 2004 when they launched the Youth Ministry Zone. This has proved to be a huge success with youth ministers around the globe. Their youth ministry newsletter reaches over 35,000 youth workers each week.

al millergrenAl Millergren began working with teens part-time in 1971 and continued part-time youth ministry for nine years while finishing his degree and becoming a public school teacher and head basketball coach in Florida. In 1980 Al moved his family to Montgomery, Alabama where he has been ministering to youth since that time. Al is 71 years old and is married to Connie. They have two children and four grandchildren. Lee is an Alabama State Trooper and Joy is a regional wholesaler.

Al is the co-author of four youth ministry books and one parenting book. He also holds parenting seminars entitled “From the Heart of a Parent” and has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Studies.

Paul Evans
Paul Evans started working as a youth minister part-time when he was 18 years old. Today he’s 51, married to Marla and they have two sons, Sam and Steven (both teenagers!)

He’s the author of five books and is an international speaker. He’s shared the stage with some of the most influential leaders of our age including Zig Ziglar.

In addition to serving at church, he’s blessed to be able to help rescue and redeem orphans through the work of 100X Missions. In the photo to the left you see his family’s sponsor child Jose’ who lives in Mexico.

Paul and Al have over 50 years of frontline youth ministry experience!